• Story: The Princess and The Knight

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Author: Kroqgar
    Description: Twilight Sparkle has been accepted into Celestia’s academy, Shining Armor has made it into the Canterlot Guard, and Cadance’s duties grow every day. Having said goodbye to her little filly, Cadance knows that what comes next will only be harder. How do you let go of a friend from your foalhood, who has long since become your special... something?

    The Princess and The Knight

    Additional Tags: Short, one-shot, ShiDance, discovery, happy
  • Silent Movie and Autographs My Little Pony Project Event Videos + Images (Update - Part 2 of Video Added!)

    We have received a ton of cool stuff based around the event yesterday from a bunch of different people.  It looks like everyone had a blast!  I'm sure you are all curious about what exactly went down though.  It looks like the event turned almost con level numbers.  Those lines are epic!

    After the break, you will find a whole pile of images and videos of the event. Since this was technically a no-film event inside the actual theater, we are only able to post approved images, but I'm pretty sure you all will get a good feel for what exactly went down.

    A couple of cool notes people sent in:
    • It sounds like the actual script for the live reading (Video quality pretty low, but you can squeeze some out if you listen hard enough!)  was an extended version of the Hearthwaming Eve episode.  
    •  The people that didn't get there in time for signatures got blindbags instead.
    • Pony Voice Actors are best celebrities. 

    Anyway, check the videos, Images, and Socal meetup out after the break!

    (Update) - Part 2 Added! 
  • Tara Strong Raffle and Charity Reminder

    A few days ago Tara Strong announced a raffle for a signed Twilightlicious Tee Shirt as well as two chocolates from the Royal Wedding event a few weeks back.   With just a 5$ donation, you are entered to win.   All proceeds go toward supporting a little girl named Kiki, who is battling a spreading brain tumor that is currently threatening her life.  Right now they have reached a milestone of $3000, but every bit counts!

    Head on over to this page to toss your support in her direction! 
  • PMV: Want You Gone - MandoPony / On My Way / Crashed the Wedding

    I still can't tell if this is cute or just straight up creepy. 

    Have some PMV's!

    1.) MLP: FIM (Want You Gone - MandoPony) PMV [Princess Celestia's Theme]
    2.) [PMV] On My Way
    3.) Friendship is Magic [PMV]: Crashed the Wedding

  • Story: Changes (Update Part 16!)


    Author: Fresh Blood
    Description: After rising to stardom following Rarity's first, poorly received fashion show, Vinyl Scratch struggles to adapt to the higher class of life celebrity status bestows. Her personality and own moral values do not mix with the fake, corporate ideals of her agent, and her sponsors are only interested in her as long as she conforms to their expectations. Her life is barely her own and soon she will have to decide what's more important; her existing relationships, her fame and fortune, or perhaps something unexpected in the form of a refreshingly grounded Canterlot Elite who just invited her to breakfast during the Canterlot Music Convention.

    A Vinyl Scratch x Octavia story where the two Ponies involved don't instantly form a romantic relationship the moment they meet, and instead allows it to grow over time with good old character development.
    Changes (New Part 16!)

    Additional Tags: Lots of Octavia Vinyl Goodness
  • Custom Compilation #64

    Time for some foal sitting so Twilight's mother can have a day to herself. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

    Even more custom ponies headed your way after the break.

    Source 1

  • Story Updates May 13th (Evening)

    Story updates coming from all sides.  Find them below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #425

    It's mothers day.  Have some Mothers day imagery to go with it.

    Actually, there are only a few mothers day images in here.. I'm disappointed.


    Source 1
  • John de Lancie Working on a Potential Brony Documentary

    Over at Ottawa Comiccon, John de Lancie dropped a pretty huge bomb on the audience, with the announcement of a possible brony documentary hosted by none other than the lord of Chaos himself.  It sounds like he is unhappy with the way the media is portraying our little community here, and wants to do something about it.

    I have to say, if this actually happens it will be straight up epic.  Heres to hoping the guys at Hasbro allow it!

    Check out the announcement after the break !

  • Vocal Music: Luna's Respite / Element of Laughter / Blue Skies, Now Grey

    We have some rap, some acoustic, and a parody this time around. Check them all out below!

    1.) Luna's Respite feat. MysteriousSpoon
    2.) Element of Laughter [Caine the Doombringer]
    3.) MLP FIM Blue Skies, Now Grey

  • Story: Dragonborn (Update Part 2+3!)

    [Normal] [Sad] [Adventure]

    Author: FanOingo93
    Description: Fluttershy has proven herself kind to many creatures except one: the dragon. What is it about these creatures that makes her fear them so and why? She herself doesn't know. But when Fluttershy mysteriously awakens as the very thing she fears most, her kindness and bravery will be tested and along the way she may very well learn what it means to have the heart of a dragon.

    This...is her journey.
    Dragonborn (New Part 2+3!)

    Additional Tags: Flutterdragon, dark, fantasy spiritual, adventure
  • PMV: Ponies, Assemble! / Witchcraft: A Season 2 Tribute / Bits

    PMV Time! Ponies being awesome all over in this post.

    1.) Ponies, Assemble!
    2.) PMV- Witchcraft: A Season 2 Tribute
    3.) [PMV] Bits

  • Story: The Parliament of Dreams (Update Story 4 Part 5+6!)


    Author: Wheller
    Description: It's been a hundred years since Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were overthrown, and the Equestrian Republic was founded, a hundred years since anypony has gotten a cutie mark. So what happens when a completely ordinary pony living in the Republican Capital City of Ponyville wakes up one morning and discovers that one has appeared on her flank?
    The Parliament of Dreams

    Sleeping in the Light

    The Emergency (Prequel)

    The Great Escape (New 5+6!)

    Additional Tags: Future, Republic, Long, Democracy, Technology
  • Michelle Creber's Saturday Night Songs

    Over on Everfree Radio, Michelle Creber hopped on last night to premiere her new show : Saturday Night Songs.  While not directly pony related, it's still really awesome, and filled with pony banter.  Check it out after the break!

  • Comic: Shadow Puppet / Pinkie's Day Off -COMIC- / Gender Inequalities

    I heard you liked comics, and videos of comics.  The first one falls into that second category.  The other two are your classic normal ones.  Click for full!

  • Music Instrumental: Applejack's Tune / The Light Bringer / Changeling Queen / Sunrise / Memories of the Sea ponies

    Instrumental music time! We have a bunch in this one, with a pretty good mix of genres.  Find them all below.  

    1.) Rainbowdashyy feat. Danielpony - Applejack's Tune
    2.) Fallout Equestria - The Light Bringer (Orchestral)
    3.) Sunrise (Trance)
    4.) Silva Hound - Changeling Queen (Electronic)
    5.) DasDeer - Memories of the Sea ponies (SEAPONY)

  • Story: Shine

    [Normal] [Sad]

    Author: The Descendant
    Description: "Her parents hadn’t come close to telling us what had happened. As I read her newest letter I couldn't believe what she was telling me. This kid hadn’t 'had an accident'… this kid, damn, this kid had been buckin' broken... she’d been broken…"

    Based on characters and situations from "Tiny Wings" by DeadParrot222.


    Additional Tags: "How do I help her?"
  • PMV: My Little One Piece - We Go / Pretty Pony

    We have a One Piece opening ponified for tonight's media post. I Never did watch that anime. The 800 something episodes kind of scared me when I started! This is pretty badass though.

    And just for the hell of it, have some Rarity too if you aren't into the whole anime thing.  It comes complete with that creepy crab dance! 

  • Nightly Roundup #317

    It's roundup time! Fluttershy in Armor is here to guide you to all sorts of neat stuff.  Check it all out below!

  • Story Updates May 13th (Morning)

    Story update time! Lots of Doctor Whooves tonight too.  Check them out below!