• Popsicle Twilight Sparkle

    Ponies have invaded yet another new medium, this time taking over the world of popsicle stick crafting! It actually looks like he is planning on covering the entire thing in plaster of Paris for a giant Twilight Sparkle sculpture, but that initial is still pretty cool.

    Check out the Deviant Art page to follow his progress!

    You won't understand this at all if you don't get the reference! Check it out after the break, and the spoiler below it.

  • Another Preview Screenshot from the New Episode!

    Nothing spoilery this time around, just a really good shot of Cadance and Shining Armor!

    Shes actually kinda cute.

     It's also over at the MLP Facebook page if you wanted to raid them.
  • Tutorial: Vector Art Creation

    You'll never guess what I found lingering in the inbox, gathering dust in a corner- something neat for all you aspiring vector artists out there.

    Captain Nemo has put together a two-part tutorial for creating vector traces of the show's art. All you need is a copy of Adobe Illustrator and some patience, and you too can put together something for the vector club! Which is a bigger deal than it sounds like, because that's the first place I go when I need a vector for a banner or something. So basically I'm giving you a key to our banners. I'm so nice.

    Part I
    Part II
  • Comics: Equestria Noire Case 2 / Finger Lickin' Good / Birds of a Feather / Don't Disturb Dashie

    Up above, we have the second chapter to that interactive Equestria Noire comic.  He needs people to make it successful though, so go check out the description for information on it!

    And below, normal comics! Everything from cute fillies to Lyra being ridiculous.  Click for full as always.

  • Plushie Compilation #53

    Winter has certainly wrapped up around here, but then again it wasn't much of a winter to begin with (not that I'm complaining). Maybe the pegasus ponies will have more of a winter to help clean up next time around.

    Plush time again my friends! Check them all out after the break.

    Source 1
    Video (She Talks!)

  • Introducing: Artist Livestream Nights

    Like, as an official thing we do.

    Seth has done a few of these things at random times, but now I'm making them more of a structured night everyone can look forward to. The gist, for those unfamiliar, is this: artists who feel comfortable livestreaming themselves doing art for the internet can contact us and appear on the Livestream Night posts that will be upcoming. Sound like fun?

    You bet it does. I bet you want nitty gritty details. Check after the break, artists.

  • Story: Days Gone By


    Author: Broznik
    Description: Twilight Sparkle’s life is going great. Then she begins to have strange dreams. Dreams of a ruined Ponyville. She is sure that her dreams are actually visions of the future, but what can she do to prevent such a disaster, especially if nopony believes her?

    Days Gone By

    Additional Tags: Short, Diary, Premonition, Desperation, Prevention
  • Comic: "As Presented By Ponies" Megaupdate

    The "As Presented by Ponies" series has a whole pile of new updates available to satisfy that building need for ponies in everything.  No movie is safe!

    Check the list out below.

    Return of the Jedi
    The Blues Brothers
    Resident Evil
    The Thing
    American Psycho
  • Bronyville Episode 49

    Another week, another show! So close to hitting the big 50 mark too. That's  a lot of ponycasting!

    Copy Paste:
    Dear Princess Celestia,
    I’m writing this letter seeking out your help. My poor cousin AJ seems to get a bad rap this week and I wanted to see if you could do anything to help the 3rd best pony stand out. Perhaps a festive hat or a goodwill balloon ride? After that’s handled you can listen to our show this week which features Mr. Poniator and our usual Midnight Shadow. We talk about the basics of flash, a ton of upcoming international pony merch, and the plight that has befallen Twist!
    Apple Cider

    Episode Page
    Show Notes
  • MLP Online Development Video

    The team over at MLP Online has released a pretty-depth video of their upcoming MMO.  What was once a specifically 2D game looks to be moving into the 3D Space.  They also show off the character creation, dialogue options, and combat screens.

    AS is the norm you can find the video after the break, and their website here!

  • Story Updates April 11th (Afternoon)

    Story update time! We have six this time around.  Find them below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #391

    I'd be scared too.  Those blankets definitely don't match that bed.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

    The next chapter in the .MOV series is up over on HotDiggedyDemon's Youtube page.  As with all of them, it's completely over the top ridiculous, and will probably offend a bunch of you, which leads to angry emails.   I am putting a big red warning here though!  Viewer discretion is advised. Creating a 7 minute long fully animated pony video is impressive regardless of the subject matter!

    (Do not send me angry emails)

    Check it out after the break! 

  • Instrumental Music: Flutternights // Pinkie Panther and the MMMysterious Rhythm // When I See Her Smiling //

    Yesterday seems as though it never existed.
    Death greets me warm-
    now I will just say goodbye.

    Instrumentals this hour: an electronica featuring Fluttershy, pony jazz, and a Pinkie dubstep. Check em out.

    1) Flutternights
    2) Pony Jazz - Pinkie Panther and the MMMysterious Rhythm
    3) When i see her smiling

  • Pony Trailers: Applecart Celestia // Pirates! A Band of Mares Trailer // Hooves of Ages //

    Trailers! Who doesn't like trailers? They're like little movies.


    We have one this hour for Battlestar Galactia (the original), one for Pirates!, and one for Rock of Ages.

    1) Applecart Celestia
    2) Pirates! A Band of Mares Trailer
    3) Hooves of Ages

  • Story: Dust and Fruit

    [Grimdark] [Sad] [Adventure] [Alternate Universe]

    Author: BenedictHooves
    Description: Dust and Fruit follows earth ponies Ben and Silver as they make their way across an Equestria in the grip of strange magical changes, following a map left in an abandoned Unicorn village.

    Dust and Fruit

    Additional Tags: Long, Alternate Universe, Dark, Surreal, Fantasy