• Nightly Roundup #277



    Have some news!

  • Trailer: Game of Ponies

    While not an exact duplicate of the 3d filled Game of Thrones opening, this does a really good job of pulling off the same type of vibe found over in it's source material, and uses the rock version instead (which is way cooler). I'm sure fans of the show, and those that enjoy good editing will find something to enjoy with it. Check the video out after the break!

  • Discord Music Video

    What do you get when you take Discord, turn him into a human, and start chaos in the real world? This video hopes to show just that! Usually we don't roll with the stuff that doesn't have actual cartoon ponies walking around, but the camera usage almost mimics some of the higher budget ones out there.

    Anyway, watch it above!
  • Comic: Reasons / Motivation / A Pinkie Problem

    Got some Fluttershy and Pinkie comics for you all today! Up above we have the real reason Rainbow actually followed Fluttershy outside to watch the Butterfly Migration. Down below we have Pinkie providing some good old fashioned motivation to a nervous Fluttershy as well as Pinkie dealing with a problem in the usual Pinkie fashion!

    Make sure to click to view.
    (Fluttershy, why are you so cute?!)

  • Wallpaper Compilation #44

    I bet everyone is jelly of Dash.  She somehow ends up the cutest character and doesn't even have to try.  Those facial expressions...

    Have some wallpapers!

  • Weekly Convention Updates!

    There are a ton of conventions coming up this Summer and Autumn.  Many of the meetups are looking to transform themselves into full blown events.   All of them release streams of exciting news for everyone to chew on.  At the same time though, a good amount of you may not be able to attend, and we here at EQD do not want to bombard you with convention updates you aren't interested in.

    So it's time to do what we do best here; turn it into a compilation!  Each Friday night, we will be organizing the convention news of the week into a single post.  I've talked to a couple of people working on these events, and they seem to agree that this is a good route to take.

    The format may change, but what you see here is what these should look like.  If there isn't any news, it will be skipped.  If something is urgent, we still have Nightly Roundups for those, so feel free to request a slot in there instead, or both. 

    To convention organizers: Please submit news a day in advance, the same way nightly roundups work.

    New this week:
    • Midwestria Convention Announced!
    • Bronycon Announces Lee Tockar (Steven Magnet / Snips) Attendance
    • Trotcon 2012 Announced!
    • Canterlot Gardens Registration Now Open! 3-day And 1-day Passes Now Available
    • Everfree Northwest's New Guest + Other Updates! (Video Embed Included!)
    All Releases Found after the break!

  • Bungie Reports On Bronies

    Well, this came out of left field.

    Bungie, the enigmatic development team that's created classic titles such as Marathon, Myth, Oni, and most recently the Halo series, has done up a little interview with one of the pony-themed clans on Bungie.net. It's one of the few articles lately that I can say is positive and actually fair instead of derisive, even if the interviewees have a few cringe-inducing comments.

    Check out the article here.
  • An Update on Operation: Sharing Kindness

    Operation: Sharing Kindness is a small, grassroots little Brony movement looking to raise some money for Toys for Tots and Doctors Without Borders (both excellent organizations, if I may say so). The operation is growing very close to its $5,000 goal, but they need your help to get there!

    Check below the page break for an update from movement founder Moony Shy including all of the neat incentives set in place for people kind enough to chip in a couple of bucks, including a big bunch of steam games you may or may not already have and a pony plush to call your very own. And besides, look up at Twilight there. Could you say no to that face?

  • Vocal Music: End Of Loyalty / Time / Dragon's Tears

    We have three vocals this time around. The first is a collab between TieThePony and Aviators, followed by a Twilight Sparkle time traveling track from someone new, and finishing off with more The Dumplings.  Find them below!

    1.) TeiThePony & Aviators - End Of Loyalty (feat. Bronyfied)
    2.) Time
    3.) TheDumplingz - Dragon's Tears

  • Comic: Lunar Isolation

    Luna does not look happy! What happens when you lock yourself in your room for extended periods of time?  Actually, I'm sure a few of you have experienced that already... but what if you are the princess of the night!?

    This comic hopes to explain that!

    Check out page one here, and continue on in the description.  Currently it totals 6 parts.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #379

    Don't lie, you all want one.  It's too bad real ponies are terrible in comparison!

    (Please don't kill me real pony lovers) 

    Have some art.

    Source 1 rainbow

    Also new banner by Giuliabeck
  • Instrumental Music: After Everything / Home / Trixie. Sad but True / The Madness Descent

    For once, piano and orchestral outnumbers the electronic and techno! I didn't think it was possible. 

    I also didn't know Aviators could pull off awesome instrumental tracks like this.

    Have some music!

    1.) Aviators - After Everything (Orchestral)
    2.) Plain Blue Beanie - Home (The Dragon's Quest) (Piano/Electronic)
    3.) Trixie. Sad but True. (Piano)
    4.) [MLP]The Madness Descent (Drums and Bass)

  • Story: A Different Tune (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Avery Strange
    Description: The path to adulthood is one riddled with pitfalls and obstacles, and it's no easier weighed down by everypony's expectations. Octavia has to deal with resentful teachers, impatient parents, school pageants, bullies, rivalries, and broken bow strings if she ever wants to make it as a respected musician. If she can even be sure that's what she wants. Luckily for her, she's always had one pony who'll stick by her through thick and thin, and maybe make a little trouble herself.
    A Different Tune Part 1
    A Different Tune Part 2
    A Different Tune Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: best friends forever growing up
  • Comic: Handiness is Manestream / Better Than Six / Handman / Cordially Not Invited

    Time for four more comics! Two dedicated to Lyra, one rollin with some Cutie Mark shinanigans, and finally Luna being awesome.  Click for full as always.

  • Friendship is Magic from the Japanese Perspective Part 2

    Last week we posted an article from someone over on Everfree talking about the Ponies from a Japanese perspective.  You all definitely seemed to like it to say the least!  The guy that wrote it is back for round two, with a bit more in depth look into the different fan created characters that have popped up over there, and their relation to our very own Derpy Hooves.

    Anyway, check round two out here!

    He also popped up on the actual broadcast, if you wanted to listen to him.
  • PMV: Shut Up The Pinkie! / Love Killer / 1320

    I seriously want to kick that rabbit every time I see it.  That dude is a dick.

    Have some PMV's!

    1.) [PMV] Shut Up The Pinkie!
    2.) PMV: Love Killer
    3.) 1320 [PMV]

  • Background Music Compilation #5

    Hurricane Fluttershy has some pretty epic background music.  As is the norm for each of these episodes, they have been ripped and uploaded to youtube! Now get those remixes going!

    Hurricane Fluttershy Tracks
    Fluttershy's Training Montage
    Not Good Enough
    An Educational Short on Tornado Power