• Nightly Artist Livestreams: Tsitra / Toxic Mario / Tetrapony (Offline)

    It's time for another night of livestreaming!   I think three at a time is a good amount, so I'm opening two more slots up to other artists who want to join in. Right now we have Tsitra finishing up his Daring-Do for the first group of people to join!

    If you would like to join tonight, and have a livestream channel set up and ready to go, toss an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com, and I will add the first two.    Include the best example piece of art to attract some visitors!

    If we don't get anyone, then just enjoy Tsitra's Stream!

    (UPDATE: Added Tetrapony and Toxic Mario again! Dudes are fast!)  

    Also added a bonus, Tsyolin (AJ the Engineer) Creating music! 

    Feel free to keep emailing though, I'll put you in queue for the next one!


    Deviant Art Page

    TetraPony (Taking OC pony Requests!)


    Toxic Mario

    Deviant Art

    Bonus: Tsyolin (AJ The Engineer) Music Creation Livestream

    Click for Music Example
    Youtube Channel

  • Comic: Cutie Prank Crusaders

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Pranksters GO! Humor like this would never end up in the show, that's why we do it!

    All three pages can be found below:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
  • An Announcement From Our Friends At Everfree Radio

    On Thursday, Everfree Radio will be hosting a special event about MandoPony's collaboration with Applebloom/Sweetie Belle('s singing) voice Michelle Creber. As I'm trying out my best Sethisto impression (How'm I doing, by the way?), have some copy/paste below!

    MandoPony  is back with another message regarding his collaboration with Michelle Creber, the voice of Applebloom and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle!

    On Thursday the 16th at 9pm EST / Friday the 17th 02:00 UTC, we have the release event for the musical awesomeness of MandoPony and Michelle Creber. Tune in to our PonyStream (see http://everfreeradio.com/?page_id=254 for information) to listen!

    We're not revealing what songs will be released, but you can visit Michelle Creber's Facebook page for clues.

    Some of this music will later be up for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the PLAN International Because I Am A Girl campaign to address the issue of gender inequality in developing countries and to promote women's rights.

    For more information about the charity, see:

    Stay tuned to http://www.everfreeradio.com/ for information about where you can purchase the tracks and support a great cause!
  • Music: Go Twi (Get Back) / Crusade No More / Song For Twilight

    Vocal time! So much Twilight Sparkle! Confound you Replacer for breakin my triple Twi post.

    1.) Go Twi (Get Back)
    2.) Replacer - Crusade No More
    3.) Meelz - Song For Twilight

  • Custom Compilation #46

    Poor Twilight. When she isn't being petrified she's trying to help her friends and being driven crazy by friendship reports. Thank goodness she doesn't have to worry about the reports as much anymore! Poor girl needs a break.

    It's custom pony time everyone! Gather around for some more after the break.

    Source 1

  • Ponies on MAD Tonight (Embed Added!)

    Just a reminder for those that wanted to see the MAD TV pony thing tonight (With the actual Tara Strong playing as Twilight). It starts in a few minutes on Cartoon Network (Or already aired in some places apparently).  I'm sure we will have a million Youtube rips in a bit, but for now, go watch it on the actual channel!

    Watch it below!

  • Story: Equestrian Writers Convention


    Author: HiddenBrony
    Description: Twilight is called upon to host the afterparty at the Equestrian Writers Convention outside Canterlot this year. With her friends Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in tow, the girls look forward to enjoying the convention. Surely they can enjoy their day out without any sort of drama, right? Yeah, no.
    Equestrian Writers Convention Part 1
    Equestrian Writers Convention Part 2
    Equestrian Writers Convention Part 3

    Equestrian Writers Convention (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Includes drunken ponies, Butterscotch Sundae, Sunset Rose, and other pony authors. Used with permission.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #333

    Rarity was born to be steampunk.  It's in her overly critical blood.

    Have a TRUCKLOAD of art!

    Source 1

    Also new banner by lvgcombine!
  • Story Updates January 13th (Evening)

    Have some story updates! Lots of good ones today, hopefully something you are waiting for!

  • Equestrian Inquirer Issue #25

    I think this has moved on from just your normal text thing these days! For those that still prefer the magazine layout, check it out here! Everyone else can find the video version after the break.

  • Pony Kart - Concept art and More PONIES

    The guys over at PonyKart have released another video, primarily focusing on concept art with a bit of crowd pony display at the end. This is looking to be an epic one! I can't wait to see a demo or something in the future.

    I also see a focus on Twilight for driving, which is a win in my book.

    Check out their website for more updates in the future!
  • Comic: Team Awesome / Burger Feathers / Love Poison Nasty Things

    Click for Full

    The first one is now my favorite origins of Equestria story.  We also have Twilight screwing up, and Scootaloo being Scootaloo'd below!

    Click for Full

  • Tons of Pony Valentines!

    I was going to run a Valentines event, but I ran out of time! Luckily, people submitted cards anyway. After the break, you will find three sets from three different artists. Hopefully you can get some use out of them tomorrow!

  • Balloon Party Album Event

    Your playlists have been flooded with their music for the past half a year or more.  Your brain has had [Insert Pony Song here] stuck in it's internal CD player for the past week.  You sometimes dig up an old favorite album, only to realize how bland it is compared to this spectacular indie music! It's time to give back, but don't expect it to not pay off in the end!

    Introducing Balloon Party, the most epic music project since the Smile Charity Album that raised over twenty thousand dollars for the Children's Cancer Association.    I think their explanation of the actual album pulls off the required level of awesomeness to explain it:
    Aussie and I have started a project that will be giving you a chance to break your restraints. Don't worry about how pony your song is (although being clever is encouraged), don't worry about whether your song is complex or simple. Don't worry about what people will think of your track, because these questions don't matter when your song is as intense and hardcore and awesome quality as you can possibly muster. We're here to bring the blood and mud to the speakers. From death electro to heavy metal, these tracks will go as hard as an unstoppable force on an immovable object. The drops will be intense. The licks will be supreme. The riffs will pound sensationally. You get a bunch of masters of music on stage and you have to stick out. It's time to throw the Balloon Party.
    Yeah, needless to say, this is going to be more HARDCORE than taking on the greasiest eating contest in the south while having a quadruple bypass done on your heart. 

    So what exactly is it? 

    Almost every musician (Check out this list.  No seriously, that's a lot of people) in the fandom is tossing a brand new badass track into a giant album compilation, and giving it out completely free!  This isn't some "throw it together in an afternoon" deal though! The actual deadline is way out in June, so expect some ridiculously awesome stuff to pop up. .

    Why are they doing this? 

    To invade a certain pony themed convention taking place at the end of June of course.   Bronycon is about to go ALL OUT MUSIC.   These guys need money though, and your donations will help them reach their goal of letting everyone attend.

    They seriously already completed stuff? 

    Yep, check out their teaser playlist here!

    Makkon actually already completed a track for the album! Check that out after the break!

    Where can I go to give them ALL MY MONEY? 

    Go to this page for the link!

  • Comic: Tank's Big Hit / Funeral Crashers / Takeoff

    Comic time! Tank being HARDCORE above, Trixie being ridiculous on the bottom left, and Sweetie Belle being a dick on the bottom right.  Not cool Sweetie, not cool at all!

  • Music: Never Meant To Be / Sweet Apple Acres Forever / Red and Blue

    Yeesh, Aviators is a music making MACHINE! We have him first, one of the new Beatle Bronies songs second, and F3nning's Lunamac song third! Charge!

    1.) Aviators - Never Meant To Be
    2.) Sweet Apple Acres Forever (Strawberry Fields) featuring Tsyolin
    3.) F3nning - Red and Blue [Toastbeard]

  • My Little Dashie: The Game

    Someone named SonicMon over on Deviant Art is currently working on a video game version of My Little Dashie.   How do you make a game out of fanfic about some dude raising Rainbow Dash? RPG Style of course! It sort of plays like a mix of those old Tamogachi toys, Pokemon, and a choose your adventure game. 

    Right now it's primarily an engine demo with a bunch of random features thrown in, but it looks like there is some potential here for something neat later on. 

    Check the game out here!  The creator is looking for feedback in comments for future editions of it, so be sure to leave him some.  This is far from a completed project, so expect a bit of revamping. 
  • Friendship Express DVD Pre-Order On Sale

    For those of you who were still on the fence about the upcoming Friendship Express pony DVD, it looks like Amazon has pre-orders of it on sale for just ten bucks.    That is pretty much the same prices as buying the same number of episodes off  iTunes, so if you want to start building your physical DVD collection, this is a good one to get going with!

    Check the page out here!
  • Words of Faust: Cadance Wasn't Originally an Alicorn

    Apparently Ms. Cadence wasn't originally supposed to be an Alicorn.  More proof that the horn is totally fake.  I can't wait until the episode airs and Luna challenges her to a traditional magic duel. You can only keep up the charade for so long!
  • Story Updates February 13th (Morning)

    I actually played this pretty recently, not a bad game! Have some story updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #240

    Ponies in SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE.  Have some nightly roundup stuff while we go choose an asteroid for gold farming!