• Music of the Day #37

    Twelve songs this time around last time I checked.  You guys sure do love making the music.

    Head on down past the break for all of them!

    Song: Poor Unfortunate Princess
    Genre: Parody Vocal

    Song: Bad Seed (Original Song)
    Genre: Remix

    Song: First Flight
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Friendship is a Miracle
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Carmen de Pinkie pie
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Lunar Revolution - (Hardcore Pony Punk by Al Quiff/Rohan)
    Genre: Hardcore Punk Vocal

    Song: Nicolas Dominique - Sleepless
    Genre: Instrumental Ambient

    Song: Eros - Element of Loyalty [VIP]
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Rarity Tears (2012 Mix)
    Genre: Vocal Parody Remix

    Song: Silva Hound ft. HotDiggedyDemon - CKDS
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Stratum
    Genre: instrumental Progressive House

    Song: Buffalo Brony - Party Starter (Pinkie Party)
    Genre: Dubstep Rap