• Drawfriend Stuff #559 - Applejack Appreciation Day!

    See that Applejack up there? She's so happy about what is after the break!  Forty new images all dedicated to ponyville's number one not-so-honest element of honesty!   Originally I planned on digging up some old art to fill it in.  I definitely didn't expect to get so many.   You can all probably blame Telaros for poking people! 

    Anyway, head on down past the break for a whole bunch of Applejack!

    And special thanks to C-Quel for the last minute banner!

    Source 1
    Hit the Showers

    Source 2
    A background pony

    Source 3
    Good morning,sis!

    Source 4
    Rockin Jack

    Source 5
    AJ Appreciation Day

    Source 6
    Even more Applejack

    Source 7
    I cannot come home

    Source 8
    3th CM to Lionel23

    Source 9
    AJ Appreciation Day

    Source 10
    You'll Always Be #1 to Me

    Source 11

    Source 12
    Orchard Sunsets

    Source 13

    Source 14
    AppleJack and Winona

    Source 15
    AH LIED.

    Source 16

    Saucy Applejack!

    Source 17
    Applejack's Mirror

    Source 18
    Ah Used To Farm Apples . . .

    Source 19
    Applejack (Hair Down)

    Source 20
    Our Only Applejack

    Source 21
    Applejack - Apple Core 16.9

    Source 22
    AppleJack Appreciation Day

    Source 24Filly Applejack

    Source 25
    Childhood Apples

    Source 26
    The Farmpony (1920x1080)

    Source 27
    Wingless Flight

    Source 28
    The Joshua Tree

    Source 29
    Applejack Celebration

    Source 30
    Pokemon Trainer Applejack

    Source 31
    Lanterns and Fireflies

    Source 32

    Source 33
    Voice of an Apple

    Source 34
    the Honest Reaper

    Source 35
    Applejack By ~Joey-Darkmeat

    Source 36
    Break Time

    Source 37
    Applejack is always on time (even if she's late)

    Source 38
    The Start of a New Day

    Source 39

    Source 40