• Drawfriend Stuff #140

    This drawfriend post is epic.  So much good art today!

    And that totally isn't because of the awesome Trixie in socks, Trixie with wings, Trixie with Twilight, or Trixie the musician.  I promise. 

    Also new poll. Who is the best pony in socks? Going up in 5 minutes under the chat button on the right.  Lets end it once and for all!

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    Bout time!

    Don_Ko rocks. 

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    Source 7 need

    Source 8 need

    Source 9 need
    Double post maybe?  Whatever it's awesome.

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    Confound this arcane Lyra stuff!

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    Yep, best pony. 

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    Is this an OC pony?

    Whatever its still amazing. 

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    Scootalove is best love

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    Source 23 moe

    Moe needs to start selling physical versions of these.  This is just awesome.

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    These movies need to be made. 

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    Is there anything she cant do?

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