• Nightly Roundup #49

    Applejack... As promised.


    Austrian Brony Facebook Group

    Another Facebook group is up! This one specifically for Austrians. You can find it here!

    MLP Referenced on Cracked.com Again!

    I'm not really sure if this is news anymore, but cracked has dropped yet another pony winner in their recent photoshop contest. You can find it here in their 25 Easter Eggs (We Wish Were) Hidden in Movies post at rank #3.

    Pony Guild Wars Guild

    Another guild is looking for more! If you have Guild Wars and want to hang with other bronies, hit up Fazareza Reborn, or Haruki Izuna in game to join "The Brony Brigade".

    Pony Facial Vector Compilation

    If the Mylittlefacewhen.com images are a bit too low quality for you, someone over on Deviant Art has compiled a 49 piece reaction image vector compilation conveniently packed into a .rar for easy access on the go. You can find it here!

    NPR Covers Fanfiction Writers

    This isn't straight up pony, but it might be interesting for those of you who are involved in the fanfiction scene. NPR, the same station that quizzed Bill Clinton on Friendship is magic, recently did an examination piece on the impact of Fanfiction throughout the ages, covering everything from Star-Trek to Harry Potter. It's pretty neat. Sadly they don't talk about the obscene amount of stuff we get (49 fanfics in the review folder right now, these poor pre-readers can't keep up!)

    You can find it here!

    Another Pony Podcast!

    The Greatest Movie Ever recently did a podcast specifically targeting the pony apocalypse. You can find it here!

    Brony Youtube Series

    Someone else has taken it upon themselves to report and ramble about ponies on Youtube.

    If you enjoy listening to people talk about ponies, you can find the channel here!

    Dashdrives Commercial

    Someone created a pretty ridiculous commercial based on the Dashdrives.com website.

    You can find it here!

    Celestia Radio Fanfiction Contest Winners Announced

    Celestia Radio recently ran a best fanfiction contest. Each of the winners will be uploaded as audio tracks for everyone to download and listen to. You can find the results, and Celestia Radio itself, here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Pretty short one tonight! yay~

    Pre-reader recruitment is open again!
    Requirements: 3 stories with 4+ stars on the blog.

    Tomorrow's best pony: Rarity

    Story Updates
    One Last Quest (Update Part 10!)
    Twilight Sparkle:Mare Attorney - Justice For Everypony (Update: Bonus Case 1!)
    Hoennshy (Update Part 6+7!)
    Luna's Socks (Update Deluxe Edition!)
    Of Mares and Magic (Update Part 9!)
    The Cutie Mark Clash (Update Part 6!)
    Stargate: Equestria (Update Story 2!)
    Progress (Updated Luna Versus The Spa!)

    Custom Merch Mall Updates
    20% Cooler
    Apparel for Bronies
    The New Gray Mare

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here