• Get Your Tentacles Off My Waifu Steam Demo Released, With Updates

    Get Your Tentacles Off My Waifu now has an official steam demo available to play for anyone that didn't want to venture into Itch.io. This also includes a bunch of new updates since we last posted it a while back, that I've included below via the press release they sent over.

    Go get the infos below!

    Press Release: 

    Hey - Flying Realms here,

    Today we want to announce that the demo for "Get your Tentacles off my Waifu" is finally on Steam. With your help and the feedback we've got we were able to fix problems and improve the weakest part of our game. Here are some highlights of what has changed since our initial release in Itch one year ago:

    • Interactive Dialogs - no more strictly linear discussions with the Waifus
    • Better Boost - Now with life leech as long as Poneh is hungry
    • Better Throwing - Feels better and does proper damage
    • Bullet Absorb - Replaced useless bullet reflection with an ability to make your shots stronger
    • Random Stuff Go - You can now throw the environment at the monster
    • Grabbier Tentacles - They pick up more things like stardust and loot
    • Stamina - Eat enough to deal extra damage with Boost and throwing
    • Better Tutorial - A few smaller adjustments to the Tutorial system

    Let us know what you think. We will go into listening mode to see what feedback we get on Steam, Discord and of course here.

    Have Fun!