• MareQuest - Hordecore and The Hub Update

    Marequest has released a new update for all of the people out there that want to explore their inner mare! Meet mares, discuss mares, befriend mares, interact with mares, and all of the other amazing things that involve mare.

    The update includes a new Hordecore Quest, which sends you off to a mini-game where you dodge humans on horses. There's also a giant pile of updates for the overall game.

    Check it out below, along with a video, or just go dive in blind at newgrounds!

    Marequest Patch Nodes 0.0.4a:

    -Added Hordecore quest:
        -Speak to "Chaos Witch Ponkles" (need at least 1 friend)
        -Pay Ponkles 5 red apples and 5 green apples
        -Exhaust dialogue and be teleported to minigame
        -Survive as long as you can (only way out is to lose all HP don't worry this is NOT a game over)
        -Recieve Friendship Reward
        -Speaking to Ponkles again will cost 10 red apples and 10 green apples to redo minigame

    -Added The Hub
        -Cottages in the overworld have been replaced by Portals
        -Entering portal will trigger game save
        -All friends made in the overworld will appear here.
            -NOTE: This will not work with private browsing
            or browser scripts which do not allow save files.
            In this case mares in The Hub island will be
            randomized, however your "First Friend" will
            still be from the overworld.
        -Structures on the island will expand with friendship count.
            -Changes occur at 1,10,30,60,80(Alicorn Castle) Friends
        -Island reverted with each new Iteration (100 friends hit)
        -Alicorn Castle sprite at 80 friends unique to Alicorn perk chosen
        -Entering island at 0 friends spawns Cute Red Mare
    -Added new dialogue
    -Added Safe Zone sprites
    -Major sprite draw overhaul and optimizations
    -Additional performance optimizations
    -Hordecore Soundtrack added to OST
    -The Hub Sountrack added to OST
    -Added beach balls
    -Added mare snorkles
        -Color mirrors mare socks HSV
    -Added water collision functionality for The Hub island
    -Added shadow horse health for scaling
    -Added Unicorn shadow horses
        -Fires spell projectiles.
        -Stands Still but can teleport occassionally
        -Less health than Earth Shadow Horses
        -Spawn rate and Projectiles scale with Friendship count
    -Added new tilesets and tileset animations
    -Added new Mare Names

    Bugs Fixed:
        -Shield now centers when flying
        -Fixed some issues with Game Pause/Quit
        -Fixed socks color bug on main menu
        -Fixed issue with character HSV of 0,0,0 not saving
        -Fixed a few text and dialogue issues

    Known issues:
        -Health/stamina bar may entend outside of GUI in certain circumstances
        -Keys get "stuck" (Not recreateable by dev)
        -You can fly through Poni Poni Dance Club Walls
        -Abilities may toggle on when changing rooms
        -Quest completion resulting in level up may break if your browser crashes before the level up screen is displayed. This will prevent future level ups as well