• Equestria Girls Dance Magic Music Video Follow Up

    I said I would do its own follow up for it and I did. The music video is pretty much part of the special for Dance Magic, but there’s a few good things to touch on with it. Is it still a generic pop dance song? Yes. Are the lyrics pretty basic that anyone could’ve written? Probably. Is it still worth mentioning? Absolutely. Even as a generic song, it’s a fun generic song. For some reason I say that a lot about EqG music in general. Not all of them are a Past is Not Today or Help Twilight Win the Crown with either character development or being a catchy ear worm. But I give credit that even for generic, it’s simply a fun dance song with a fun music video to it. The moral is pretty much in the lyrics themselves. Get into the groove no matter what it is? Either that or tell someone to bring back disco. Those were fun times.


    Twilight: “A million sparkles falling across the floor.”

    You see what I mean about bringing disco back? Just looking at Twilight’s outfit makes you want to gaze at a disco ball for hours. Unless there’s strong light reflecting off it. Otherwise, make sure you have on these cute tinted glasses Twilight has on. Also, as perfect as a line for Twilight Sparkle to specifically read, all I can picture is alternate versions of Twilight Sparkle falling on the dance floor. Is that bad?

    So this special was an apple cider barrel full of new styles and I’m loving every single one of them. The disco styles with Sunny Flare, Rarity, Sour Sweet and Twilight might be my favorite style. But I do love Sunset’s flamenco style as well. The street ballet with Fluttershy and Sugarcoat is interesting, and you really can’t hate the Rainbow Dash and Lemon Zest hip hop style. What’s interesting is that they kind of gave Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset slightly miscellaneous genre with country, flamenco, and…ok I have no idea what Pinkie’s style is here. I want to say pop music since it reminds me of her 80’s pop look from Friendship Through the Ages. But still fun styles all around.


    Yep. This proves it. Pinkie Pie is a style all her own and beyond labels at this point. Because even though we have Lemon Zest and Rainbow Dash doing the hip hop style, we now have a rap solo with Pinkie in some 80’s style hip hop clothes. The only reason I can see this being the case is that nobody can change clothes as fast as Pinkie Pie. Rarity can, but do we really want to see Rarity rapping? Wait…do we?

    Also I can bet Sunset did the mural in the background from her secret time as Flanksy in Display of Affection. Gotta love a good call back.

     Ok nevermind. I don’t know if Rarity would have it in her to do this dance move. This is impressive B-Boy style. Not to mention this call out to 80’s hip hop group Criss Cross with the backwards pants when paired with the slit glasses from the early 2010’s. There were some interesting trend setters back then in both eras and Pinkie made it work.

    Funny how you have Pinkie dancing with herself and this strange pairing dancing together. I mean we get plenty of Pinkie and Sunset in Sunset’s Backstage Pass and Pinkie could be related to Applejack in some distant way (don’t know if that translates to this universe instead of just the pony world, but I’m using it anyway). But I can see this, without the need of shipping, that flamenco and country dancing are usually done with partners.


    Ok this I ship. I had to include one in this. Don’t judge me!


    Ok so not counting the choreographed parts (that’s also repeated animation but it’s fine), the Humane 7 don’t seem to have a problem naturally dancing. Which is odd because that was basically the premise of this music video happening. The Rainbooms have the music and the Shadowbolts have the dance moves. Kinda funny how The Rainbooms seem pretty ok with improving their own dance moves for this break down part. You know, just wondering.

    And now we come to the end of the award winning music video where Crystal Prep gets to party on a yacht and I still don’t fully know if this is before or after Legend of Everfree. I did read your comments from the full special so I can agree this was before going to Camp Everfree, specifically just paying for the trip and not the actual repairs to the camp after some…magical disturbances. Still kinda stings that all the money raised was kinda wasted when they Humane 7 couldn’t even relax from hero duties. And even then they needed to do ANOTHER fundraiser to keep the camp going. These kids are busy. Anyway, this was still a fun earworm of a music video, the editing was brilliant (thumbs up for Photo Finish) and Rarity did an amazing job jazzing up everyone’s wardrobe. Pinkie gets MVP for that rap though. Came out of nowhere and the first time I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing and grooving to it. And those dance moves from that gif was perfection. Still a generic pop song, but a fun generic pop song. Like I said, doesn’t have to always be deep or meaningful and if anything this special was full of character development with the Shadowbolts so I can be happy with that. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some disco clothes to buy.