• Discussion: What Kind of Job Would You Take in Equestria?

    You finally made it to horse-land, but unfortunately they aren't as hospitable as you had hoped. Or at least not as impressed with the weird alien monkey as your favorite fanfics would lead you to believe. In fact, they actually find you kind of boring all things considered. Like a naked minotaur with half the bulk and no horns. Lame.

    This means that canterlot-paid free pass that every "Brony in Equestria" story out there seems to have is non existent, and it's time for you to either get a job or go live in a cave somewhere. What kind of skills would you bring to the Equestrian world that would keep you fed? Or do you pick up a completely new job just because you get to focus your talents on pleasing ponies instead of humans?

    Discuss below!