• Discussion: ALL the G4 Mane Ponies Ascended to Alicorndom! What Are They the Princcesses of?

    And then there were ALICORNS. So many alicorns. One day the mane 6 and Starlight woke up with wings and horns where there weren't wings and horns before, and suddenly Equestria had it's self a massive new problem... What the hell are these horses going to be princesses of? It was hard enough trying to find a duty for Twilight before she took over for Celestia! It's tradition though, so they have to do something right?

    Your mission is to assign each of them a new princess duty. What do you think they'd excel at with their personality types? How would say, Applejack's life change now that she could fly and cast spells?

    Decide their fate below!