• Battle Gem Ponies Kickstarter Was a Success! New Demo and Patch Notes for It Released

    Battle Gem Ponies turned out to be a success over on Patreon for anyone that was interested in how the project ended up, with 138% of the funding required for it being crowd sourced throughout it's lifetime there. With the money secured, they are going full-steam-ahead with development. Hopefully we will be battling with cartoon horses in the future!

    You can check out a new demo here, along with a list of fixes since the last release below.

    Patch Notes: 

     (from Sept. 5th 2021):

    The Big News

    • Passive Pony Abilities & Equips Now Work as Intended
    • Menu Issues, Resolved!
    • Glitchy Moves, Fixed!
    • Typos, Corrected!
    • Particle Effects, Adjusted!
    • Background Tinting Animations, Restored!
    • Shield Moves Actually Shield You!
    • Attack Info is Displayed Correctly!
    • Unimplemented Moves that Should Be Hidden, Now Are
    • Buffs & Debuffs Go Up & Down Properly
    • Pegasi Should Now Fear Flying Rocks
    • The Endure Mechanic Works
    • Devil Shot Deals Actual Damage Now
    • The Hidden Spire Trap Activates on Forced Swap-Outs
    • 2-Turn Moves Now Show Relevant Info in Menus
    • 2-Turn Moves Don't Trigger Enemy's  Impact Side-Effects until they Actually Land
    • Made Things More Clear When You're Running Low on Gem Power
    • The Badly Poisoned Malady Now Deals Appropriate Damage
    • Malady Afflicted Debuffs are No Longer Permanent

    The Specifics
    • Air ponies can now be hurt by Earth attacks while Burrowed underground
    • Ponies hiding Underground or In the Sky can no longer force the enemy's self-targeted attacks to miss
    • Pony nicknames won't disappear when you return to Team Select after a battle with custom nicknames
    • Move animations that can change the background color now work as expected
    • Barrier's reduced Damage Calculation now works
    • When restoring HP with a leeching move, the camera will always make sure the healed pony is shown along with the healing text
    • Sleep Dust will tell the player when it fails
    • Moves not implemented yet have been removed
    • Stats Screen won't wig out in the middle of battle when a barely noticeable  "null animation" issue comes up (the null animation issue was resolved too)
    • 2-Turn Moves display the proper POW number in menus
    • 2-Turn Moves exist as 2 different attacks behind the scenes now So we can have unique effects for Turn 1 and Turn 2 that won't get mixed up as easily
    • Moves with POW that "varies" show up as "--" instead of "0"
    • Sleep Malady can last more than 2 turns
    • Change Moves screen used to sometimes show the wrong pony's info. Now it double checks for the most recently highlighted pony
    • When rapidly pressing buttons, the game can trip up. We addressed this on nearly every screen in the game
    • When out of GP and forced into "Tackle Mode", unusable moves get removed from play
    • We can finely control where we clamp the Stat Stage Buffs. (currently set on a -3 to 3 scale instead of the initial -6 to 6)
    • Speedster passive ability now works
    • Poni-Bot's Battery Doesn't absorb enemies' self-targeted moves
    • Thestra's ability activates every 3 turns she's on the field, instead of every 3 turns period
    • Life Drain particle effect animation flows in the correct direction now
    • Death Glare consistently lowers the same stats each time
    • Rock Toss & Rock Riot now harm Air ponies just like the description says
    • Star Spurs Equip now works as described
    • Hidden Spire hurts ponies that are swapped in after a KO
    • Fixed Ember Tornado trap animation
    • Yawn no longer resets itself
    • Gigazorb now works when used by or used on Mauss
    • Bide will only deal damage when the user actually takes damage, not when the opponent uses a move that could/will eventually deal damage
    • Venom is now guaranteed to apply Poison
    • Devil Shot now makes its POW 1/2 of the user's EATK stat
    • The UI will show you when Buffs & Debuffs are applied, right when they happen
    • Getting a 9+ Combo on a Multi-Hit Move no longer causes the Hit Counter to stay onscreen
    • Exiting Battle now Resets Bonus Value assignments and Toggling "Disable BVs" button won't erase what you assigned them to
    • Mini Pony Sprites Animate properly in their little boxes across all menus
    If anybody comes across anything weird, just hit us up on Discord and we'll get those pesky bugs squashed!