• Zipp Storm and Her Interest in Science

    (Note: Since a few people have been asking, the "Something Nice" posts will continue again tomorrow at this slot. We have a lot of news to get through right now so I'd rather not bury it all.)

    I'm probably going to do a big recap of all the G5 madness we've had release over the past week or two, but one thing I wanted to give a dedicated post to for now, was the My Little Pony website's bio for Zipp Storm, where she is not only the athletic Rainbow Dash style pony this time around, but also apparently into science.

    Considering we won't have Twilight Sparkle around to force freaky experiments on everyone this gen, I wonder how far this science will go? Is Zipp going to be a labcoat wearing nerd working on splitting the atom during the week and an avid adventurepony on the weekends? Or is science just going to be that box she fills in to look less one-dimensional when others ask what she's into?

    Anyway, discuss below! Lets see where this goes.