• Pony Concept Music: Dandelion - The Alicorn Amulet [Neurofunk]

    Is this Tripon? No, it's a passionate musician and fellow brony who got inspired by his style, and the dedication and passion behind that endeavor did wonders as you can hear! The dark Neuro style and sound design is quite amazing all throughout that progression, and it's particularly wonderful how this dark style is meant to depict the dark vibes from using the powerful relic! As explained by the musician:

    "The Alicorn Amulet blesses the wearer with "untold powers." However, the more the bearer uses the amulet, the more it corrupts him or her. Just like in IRL quick fixes just do the same as the Alicorn Amulet. On this dark themed drum and bass track it's up to the listener to "feel" the bad side ot that powerful force. Very much inspired by Lenny Tripon's dark themed tracks with a donkey twist on it. (OTR I'm not very happy with the track, it's a bit to monotone for my taste, but I think this genre is suposed to be like this? It's my fist try in this direction so take it for what it is. I hope it at least gives the shiver just like the bad use of the amulet would do.)"

    This is available on the pony compilation album Busy Having Fun from Pony Family!