• Equestria Girls Wake Up Follow Up


    Like any time for summer, there’s gonna be moments where you can’t fully sleep in past noon. Why and how that would be a thing is beyond me, but apparently for healthy people it should be taken seriously. But it looks like Sunset didn’t get the memo and now needs some help in getting up. Makes me think if the human world and the pony world runs on different time zones and the jet lag from going from one dimension to another when she first came here. If there was a moral for this, it would be to get plenty of rest so you can wake up refreshed for more fun things to do the next day. Either that or be careful of crashing. Caffeine and junk is a blessing and a curse in a lot of cases when you can’t handle it. Let’s get the Sunset to sunrise after the break.


    There’s never a doubt a farm girl like Applejack would be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning to collect firewood while everyone else is still half asleep. I wonder what kept them up so late that they couldn’t sleep well.


    Ah. Of course. A drum circle with Pinkie Pie. Why am I not surprised? But this is another moment of Pinkie being a bit inconsiderate about other’s well being when she wouldn’t realize that was keeping everyone up. Why they didn’t tell her to go to bed or keep it down is beyond me. It’s not like Pinkie is overly sensitive like Fluttershy where you can’t always tell her the truth. Really dropping the ball here Pinkie Pie.


    And once again, Pinkie causes a bit of an issue for Sunset, who is just in a deep enough sleep to remember magic school with Princess Celestia. They could let her sleep in, but since it was mentioned that she would be holding a front row spot for a performance to watch, I can only assume this is maybe the morning of Susnet’s Backstage Pass. It would explain why Applejack got firewood for their cookouts. But it looks like they’re gonna need some ways to get her wide awake for the day and with the players already in place, let’s see who’s first.

    Applejack Option


    Forcefully yanking the covers off her to get her awake. Effective, but with this death glare from Sunset, not the best option. It’s a really good thing Sunset’s powers aren’t physical based. Pretty sure we wouldn’t hear from AJ again if this was done to someone with super strength. Luckily in this case, that’s Applejack.


    So not only did she force her awake by taking the blanket, but now she’s making her help with doing a firepit. Applejack really is the mother of the group. She would make you get up early during summer to clean up the whole house is she wanted to. And manual labor is never on anyone’s list of things to do after waking up. Not even a cup of coffee to help, AJ?


    We at least Sunset is moving…even if it’s moving heavy rocks to form a firepit. We also learn that maybe Applejack thinks Sunset is a little oblivious to her doing all this every morning. But Sunset makes a good argument about the fact that Rarity would’ve been the one to hire a private chef for setting up camp since she filled the mini fridge with sushi and parfaits. Nice job Rarity. I’ll take crab roll over here. Great, now I want sushi.

    (Editor’s Note: Does anyone know how rich Rarity is exactly? Between renting a limo for Sunset’s driving training and the idea of hiring a chef to cook being normal, how much bank does Rarity have as a teenager?)


    Ok if there was anything to get me up in the morning, it probably would be a pancake breakfast. Those stacks are looking delicious. If a little work comes with food, it’s not a bad exchange in my opinion.


    AJ: “Big Mac always says, nothing starts the day off like a little bit of hard work.”

    Well…that kind of makes too much sense anyway. He’s your brother, you both work on a farm, and most of the times we’ve seen him, he’s doing some type of physical labor. 

    Ok they really made this joke work for someone who speaks in one syllable sentences. The shocked look on everyone’s face just to know that Big Mac has said full on sentences with more than one word is very jarring to say the least. And of course we have Big Mac there to agree with a cup of coffee. At least Applejack is honest enough to say she might’ve added a few more words than usual. Not a bad start to get the day rolling. 

    Rainbow Dash Option


    “You thought you could sleep peacefully, but it was me, Dashie!”

    Ok anime references aside, this has me scared. Rainbow Dash, extreme sports girl who would think exercise and running is a way to relax, is gonna try to wake up Sunset. I have memories of Rainbow Dash playing Twilight Sparkle in the first EqG movie and I don’t think Dash is gonna hold anything back here.


    Uhhh…yoga? Well I can’t say I expected that as an option. Now don’t get me wrong. Yoga is not as fast paced as many other active sports or workouts, but it still takes a lot of adrenaline, focus, and strength. I did one yoga class when I though it would be an easier route to losing weight. Big mistake on my part. But I also wasn’t used to it. Maybe I’ll get back into it again at some point, but not to wake up with. I’ll fall back to sleep in the mat.


    Yeah there’s the Dashie spin I felt coming. The fact that taking it “nice and easy” means changing yoga positions at rapid speed where Sunset can’t keep up with her. Honestly Rainbow Dash has always been an enigma to me. She can be lazy and chill, but also fast and energetic and this moment is a good balance between the two.


    Sunset: “I’m not cut out for posing like animals doing stuff.”

    Yeah I don’t blame you Shimmy. I was the exact same why with my first yoga session. Though mine didn’t go that fast and I didn’t end up like a giant pretzel missing the nacho cheese. I also do find it funny that coming from the ex-pony, she didn’t want to do animal poses. Oh the irony of it all!


    RD: “Sunset, meet sunrise.”

    See my joke wasn’t as bad now, was it. It’s just not without a rimshot needed. But I can see what Rainbow Dash means about missing out on a great view. I’m more into sunsets myself (ha!), but that’s because I like nighttime. But this was a great picturesque shot with the gradient and the rising sun. 


    And this pose is called “grateful friend”. I’m sure it’s used a lot in modern yoga classes and shows that even through the strain and exercise can come something really beautiful to make you feel awake in the morning. It even got Sunset to put her phone down and just take it all in. Not a bad idea coming from Rainbow Dash.

    Pinkie Pie Option


    Yeah I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep after a face like this either. No choice but to get up and get breakfast with Pinkie Pie. But like I said, food is a great way to get anybody out of bed so let’s see what would be on the menu for Pinkie if Applejack already did pancakes.


    Oh. Oh dear no. I mean on any other time this would look delicious and it still does, but maybe not a giant tray of sweets. I’m not even sure of what all I’m looking at but I feel my stomach churning just seeing it. Are these donuts or cookies covered by jelly beans and almonds? Are those berry flavored cinnamon rolls with blueberries? Something tells me this will be a fast paced short.


    Nothing says a balanced breakfast like snowball sprinkled cupcake waffles, jelly bean beignets, and sugar cookie croissant with a side of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Sunset you a re a trooper for going through this. I think I would’ve been done at the sugar cookie croissant. 


    Rule of thumb: if a character says to give it five minutes and that includes a literal title care stating it’s five minutes later, something has drastically changed. Hold on to your ponies for the monster of all sugar rush.

    So this might’ve been a bad idea. The high energy from all that sugar has turned their eyes even bigger than usual and all this during a somber acoustic performance. Maybe not the best type of energy to have just yet. But watch out. It looks like Sunset is coming in for a tickle fight. These faces are just too cute.


    So Spike also got a hold to a few of those sugary treats (hopefully not chocolate- covered) and is feeling like a golden dog. And I guess the performer on the stage is fine with a talking dog interrupting his set since he didn’t stop playing. Let me repeat that. This guy…is fine, if not a little irritated…by the TALKING DOG ON STAGE.


    Ok this was just a cute moment. I guess with sugar rush comes sugar strength with how Sunset is holding up Pinkie Pie with such ease. And Spike is still running wild on sugar around other people who might not know about the talking dog. Seriously. If people we mad about other ponies not realizing Twilight is an alicorn, I’m just as mad about people not noticing a talking dog.


    And the final stages of sugar rush is the final sugar crash. Nothing brings you down faster than when the energy runs out all at once. It’s gonna come with a bad tummy ache afterwards too, but hopefully they sleep that off as well. I thought we were supposed to keep Sunset awake here. But what’s even more impressive is that even Pinkie Pie crashed out, even while always having a sugary treat on hand…or in other cases, hair. 


    When even Applejack looks disappointed in you, you know it’s real. I can only imagine these two just thinking “we were supposed to wake her up right?” 


    Yeah trying to keep up with Pinkie Pie on a sugar bender is probably gonna meet with these types of results and Applejack and Rainbow Dash knew it. But when even Pinkie Pie pushed her own limits of sweets to the crashing point, it really does mean that Pinkie wanted Sunset to go all out. I want to say this helped, but maybe not in the most natural way.

    *sips 2nd energy drink*

    And that was Wake Up, a trip of ideas to waking the mind and body when all you want to do is sleep the day away. I have to say Rainbow Dash, if not a little extreme, was probably the best idea. A little work out and being in the great outdoors with fresh air is a nice way to start the day. Applejack’s idea just reminds me of all the times I’d stay up watching tv and having my mom wake me up the next morning with the radio blaring telling me to clean my room on a Sunday. While Pinkie’s idea got her moving, it didn’t really stay that way. Might’ve been for the best but not really a healthy option. Though I am curious on how a sugar cookie croissant tastes like. And I know I can’t really talk with my energy drinks and coffee on standby ready to keep me awake. Name some of your ways to wake up and let me know in the comments. I’m Penny Wrights and I have a mighty need for sushi.