• Equestria Girls The Road Less Scheduled Follow Up


    Well had to get to a Choose Your Own Ending eventually and I can’t but love these whether your favorite option is there or if it’s too many good ones to choose from. This time we’re exploring the other obsessive schedule fan with Twilight. It kinda makes me think back on Sunset’s Backstage Pass that maybe Twilight could’ve been a good mediator to have Sunset on time for the concert and to have her and Pinkie still able to explore the venue. But this time her schedule will be a bit more random with a few…interesting surprises. If I were to give this one a moral, it would be to go with the flow. Just like with Sunset, she had to learn about having fun on the journey, not the destination. Either that or invest in water proof cases and screen protectors for phones. For someone as prepared as Sci Twi I’m surprised that slipped her mind. But let’s see the set up and maybe catch a lot of new information about old characters, too.


    Yeah I think I can see the appeal of Derpy in this way. She’s not just a “Where’s Waldo” type that we get happy to find (even though she is), but she just seems to have an open personality that can vibe with just about anyone. Who would even see these three together randomly? Also I appreciate that Bulk Biceps is a fan of unicorns regardless of his pony counterpart being a Pegasus. But let’s get to Twilight and her very optimized schedule so she can see all the bands she wants to see. I would think you would just go see them without worrying about a schedule though. I could never do this only because if I was already watching a band performing, but needed to go see another one, what would happen if I missed a song I liked from the one performing. Yeah, I can’t do music festivals. Too much anxiety.


    Yeah I just lost my appetite with that moment. Dancing and sweating is probably not good for a phone and the fact that it was enough to short out the whole this is…actually quite concerning. Bulk sweetie, do you need a check up at a doctor? I don’t think you should be sweating that much.


    Well this seems to be quite the pickle for Twilight. And actually feels like a really good set up for something that people have been through before. Do you go with the friend you’ve always known, an acquaintance that you know you would have something in common with, or…wait a minute I know that pastel hair color anywhere. 

    Fluttershy Option


    So Fluttershy seems to get getting specifically ready for some band and can I just say, sweet Luna I adore these port-a-potties. They look like they wouldn’t smell bad but maybe it’s because they’re covered in flowers. Very cute design. Fluttershy has been a character known for a lot of interesting fashions from the original show from “Green Isn’t Your Color” modeling for Photo Finish to the entirety of Fake It Til You Make It with a posh, punk, and hipster Fluttershy. I can only imagine what she’s gonna be styling for this one, especially with a heavy tote bag.


    Ah. Our first clue is…black nail polish? Hmm…I feel the Fluttterbat fans are approaching. Combine that with Spike smelling her bag that seems to smell like bones is a bit concerning. Twilight, if you go with Fluttershy, take her away before drinking any kind of red fruit punch please.


    …Excuse me while I go pick up the pieces of my exploded mind. I think some went out the room. 

    *5 minutes later*

    So…Fluttershy is into metal. I wish I would’ve seen that episode or short somewhere, but ok. We’re just gonna role with this. I won’t deny. This is my style. Black nail polish, ripped jeans, studded accessories. The writers really want to make Fluttershy the ultimate fan favorite character huh. And her band of choice is called Skull Cruncher. I wonder is Fluttershy is aware of a character called Retsuko


    When all that you’ve known and understood has been shattered into infinite pieces. I have no other commentary for this image. This is just an amazing face and I feel every muscle pull of it even from my first time watching this. 


    Ok I did have to do a double take on this guy just to make sure this wasn’t the human version of Rockhoof, but it’s a different color scheme so I’ll let it pass. But this is something I like seeing about fans. There’s not always this gate keeping that happens. If you like something, you like something. This guy probably didn’t know Fluttershy is practically a Disney Princess that sings to animals in a not so metal tone. But he recognizes a fan and complimented her skull staff.


    So this is some interesting continuity here and some weird explanation for one of our past antagonists. Fluttershy not only referenced "Rollercoaster of Friendship", but also explained that Vignette Valencia introduced her to this band. So her making Fluttershy into the “bad girl” with ripped tights a skulls actually lead somewhere.


    Just the fact that they re-used this design for Fluttershy canonically is too funny. Someone really wanted Flutterpunk to be a thing and now it’s happening. But props to the writers for giving us something really interesting along with knowing that the antagonists from the past really do interact with the Humane 7 even in small ways like this. EqG had a way of making interesting villains and antagonists become friends with them, but nothing really coming from it. With Valencia telling Fluttershy about this punk idea for her, she must’ve explained that she got the idea from the band Skull Cruncher afterwards. One shared playlist later and Fluttershy is a fellow Cruncher.


    Ok we started out with a really good option. Fluttershy even made the skulls light up with flames and a light show. You guys are really pushing for Fluttershy to be Best Pony. This option (regardless of my fan girling) is a fun one. A new side to a favorite character, understanding our friends might be different than what we expect and still being able to enjoy what they like, and a dash of continuity from a past special. Starting off strong.

    Micro Chips Option


    So this was probably a long time coming. Two very intelligent people who probably don’t interact too much other than maybe a science club or shared AP classes hitting up an electronica performance. And Twilight is also a fan of MC Dax Effects as well. Sounds like a good match up.


    Ok maybe now I see why these two wouldn’t interact with each other. If you were talking to someone and they constantly said “actually…” and keep correcting you, you’d probably be less inclined to listen. Especially if you’re a super fan like Twilight says she is. By the way, kinda feeling the jumpsuit Micro Chips has on. Brings be back to 80’s electric mixed with today’s big helmet DJs.


    Oh yeah. That’s always the thing with these hidden performers. You never really know who they are or even if they’re really male or female. It’s so easy to change your body type with different costumes or outfits so it’s common that these type of conversations about the masked performers happen. But Micro Chips seems to be pretty quiet about things other than correcting Twilight.


    You know I’m gonna need a vacuum for Twilight whenever her reality is shattered this fast in these shorts. But now that explains why he’s been correcting her. It’s more of the artist actually sharing what they do and what programs they use. Also realizing that MC doesn’t stand for Modulated Computer sounds, but simply Micro Chips.


    Well can’t say I wouldn’t feel like a donkey in this moment. You’ve literally been saying how much of a fan you are of this person…to the person who’s really behind the mask. Not only that, now you have your dog laughing at what a “huge fan” you are. Twilight really is winning with these faces right now. I live for this amount of trolling. I’m surprised Micro Chips wasn’t more upset that he was confused as a girl, but I think he’s used to people getting small things wrong about MC Dax Effects. Pretty funny short and I can hear the Troll song playing just looking at Twilight.

    Celestia Option


    Twilight: “I didn’t know you…did…things”

    Isn’t that always the exact thing you say about a teacher? Whether you’re in school and see them out of school or it’s been years and randomly run into them at a grocery store, you never expect them to actually have lives outside of pop quizzes. Also, yes to all of Celestia’s outfit here. The shorts with leggings, the floppy sun hat, and the open flannel plaid shirt. Very cute. And she’s into hand sushi rolls. Bonus points!


    So the whole Starswirled Squad is here including Cranky Doodle and Luna. Ok that settles it. I need Luna’s dress. Simple and matches well with these star patterned jeans. And Cranky really feeling this old school hip hop style with backwards hat, oversized sweatshirt, and the brightest shoes I’ve ever seen.


    So we hear that they started coming to this music festival since the very beginning and that’s really cool. The idea that these three adults have known each other for so long that it was probably not even when they were teachers. Sadly we don’t get to hear any info on age since Cranky is trying to keep that on the down low. Don’t be shy Mr. Electro Pop, how old are you guys? Tell me. The world needs to know how to work with ages in this world.


    I love this set up. The idea that there are some things the older generation would know about that younger people wouldn’t know because they’re just untold secrets. Even having Twilight shocked about a paper schedule, which we’ve seen Sunset have a paper map of the venue. Why Twilight didn’t think of grabbing one when entering is beyond me. Maybe too many compasses in her fanny pack.


    Celestia: “From the…OG rainforest. I’m only teasing. I don’t know where it’s from.”

    I have no words. You’re trying to get Celestia to say modern slang and even slightly embarrassing your younger sister and stunned Twilight. Well, bad jokes aside, let’s see how the old school crew does a music festival.


    So I have no idea if this was just because the venue wasn’t big enough and a lot of spots were taken up or if they really just wanted to have this falafel stand in the middle of the forest for “cool kids only”. Funny that there would be a secret falafel stand in the back that…has another version of Celestia working there. You guys can click on the image and zoom in, but this just looks like Celestia. White skin and blue and purple hair? Is this Princess Celestia’s side job when she’s away for “princess duties”? Has she been aware of coming through the portals spread out in random places that whole time?!? I mean we joke a lot that Celestia seems to know more than she lets on with Twilight, but…is this too much?


    Random secret photo booth because yes. This was also something people wanted to see more of when it came to at least the royal princesses. Just Celestia and Luna having fun being together and sharing experiences with others. We got a few episodes like that in the last leg of the show and maybe there are some comics for it too, but it’s sisters. You can’t get enough of seeing their ups and downs. Especially if they’re demigods in a pony universe. And Cranky letting loose is so refreshing. This always needed to be a thing. Too bad he couldn’t invite the wife along for the trip, but I do get the feeling they’re just college friends who partied hard and went on to run a school together. 



    Ok Cranky you’re cool enough. Please do not break a hip trying to breakdance. Also, this is to point out something funny. Celestia is beatboxing. Celestia…is…BEATBOXING!!! I’m fine with this being a montage of fun, but I would kill to hear this from Nicole Oliver.


    Celestia: “I should have you send me letters after every music festival telling me what you learned.”

    If I didn’t have my laptop on my table while writing this, it would’ve already been flipped over. I just saw a Celestia double. Don’t make this even more meta on me. My heart can’t take this much craziness. How would this even work?

    Dear Principal Celestia,

    Today I learned that music festivals can be really big and overwhelming with how many people there are. But even if you’ve talked to people only a few times a year at these festivals, they can still become your closest friends. 


    Celestia: “Ha! Just kidding. That would get old.”

    We know what you did writers! Don’t rub it in! Just the idea that Twilight wasn’t on board with it at all and was more confused just shows that Celestia knows WAY more than we think. We’re on to you. Don’t give us that troll face. And even Luna is aware of it. How deep does this conspiracy go?!?

    And that was The Road Less Scheduled, a trio of big surprises and way too much continuity that I’m sure Silver Quill has run out of fireworks. I cannot say at all which is my favorite. Micro Chips might be the least favorite since it felt pretty contained and not as mind blowing, but between Flutterpunk and some old school teacher and principal getting more personality, this would be a toss up for me. This was too much fun and I have even more outfits I need to shop for. I’m Penny Wrights and now I have some stage diving to practice to do. Rest In Peace to my bed post.