• Equestria Girls Five Stars Episode Follow Up


    In a world where all forms of shopping, eating, and transportation is done through an application on your phone, one strange pink girl is bent to rule the stars. Man this would’ve been really fun with an actual movie narration from that guy that does movie trailer. I’m sure you heard this all in his voice anyway so I’m not worried. We get to see our favorite pink waitress trying to be the best she can be, which is really nice to see her strive for when she’s someone who wants everyone to have a nice time. If I were to give this short a moral, it would probably be to not have stars and rating systems control every aspect of your service and give people space when needed. Either that or don’t make the customer have to pay for food they didn’t want or need in the first place. Let’s take a look at Pinkie Pie’s customer service skills, shall we?

    So I still have to say out of all the alternative careers everyone has from their pony counterpart, Pinkie’s is still my favorite. It would’ve been so easy to still have her working for a bakery, but a 50’s roller diner waitress just fits with her personality. Having fun, being cute and bubbly and helping people who come in. And it’s nice to see Sunny Sugarsocks and Doo Wop again. I really love their designs and…


    *ten minutes of ranting later*

    We were talking about a short, right?


    Ok as someone who’s worked in customer service before, I don’t deny it might be in bad form to ask the customers to rate your services after just helping them. For restaurants it’s mostly voluntary to rate the service and food because it’s not really something you think about after eating. But at the same time, it does give motivation to Pinkie Pie to be the best server even if it’s for a rating. Good? Bad? She’s the one with the pie.


    So I can remember Fleur de Lis not talking when first meeting her in “Sweet and Elite” as Fancy Pants’…lady friend? Girlfriend? Trophy wife? But I never would’ve figured her for a valley girl accent. It blew me away hearing it, but I can kind of see her being a little air-headed maybe? Regardless, I need to eat everything on both their plates. 


    Pinkie you just got them their food. Stop begging for stars like this. Let them at least have a fry before sticking your rating system in their faces. Again, great work ethic for the diner, but not really that nice. But then again, I wouldn’t always count on the waitress being nice just because they like my shirt or something. They’re doing their job and I can respect that. This might not be what I would have in mind though.


    Hey we haven’t had one of these in a while. How about another slightly creepy Pinkie Pie face to go with the hundreds we’ve seen before. Seriously, I’m glad Pinkie Pie is so likable. If she was like this on social media, I would have some concerns. She would be one of the people that would panic if someone just Liked her post on Facebook instead of Loving it.


    Well she seems like a nice sensible lady. Someone here who just wants to enjoy her coffee and read the newspaper. Seems easy enough to do, right Pinkie Pie? She wants to enjoy her newspaper and coffee and doesn’t need anything else. Got it?


    Ok I know it’s not easy for a server to see if someone has food or something in their mouth when coming around to ask how everything is and if they need anything. I get that. But Pinkie you just left this lady less than 5 seconds ago. She’s doing fine. She took one sip of coffee and you nearly gave her a heart attack about rating the service. 


    Well at least we’re still keeping up with the idea of Pinkie Pie being a sentient balloon with the deflating hair thing that happens a few too many times in this show. One less star and she falls apart. This is not how you should be Pinkie. 


    So I’m sure they’ve seen Pinkie Pie fold like this before, hence these concerned expressions. Pinkie is ready to close up the diner and call it bankrupt from just one 4-star review. The poor girl used the word “doom” for goodness sake. We might need that fainting couch back for Pinkie Pie instead of Rarity this time.


    Pinkie Pie stop. This isn’t gonna fix things. Now you’re just going out of your way to get that rating. The pie does look good though along with whatever knot tying skills you have to be hanging off the ceiling like that. And Lyra how long are you gonna dance with this guy? Who is he? I know you can have other friends and people to hang out with other than Bon Bon…but my ship needs.


    Pinkie…sweetheart... why in Equestria’s name would you not only have Sunset’s magic book to Princess Twilight, but try to give it to a lady who would have no reason for it? And as you can see, things are getting a little bit desperate for Pinkie Pie for that final star. Pies, pancakes, multiple cups of coffee. The drive for restaurant clout is going too far.


    So along with a magical book that let’s you write to a pony princess in another dimension, you also tried to give away one of your friends, someone’s dog and a mysterious box that looks cursed. Not to mention you took someone’s sandwich since it has a bite mark in it and…is that a jar of bugs? In a restaurant? Girl you should be worried more about getting shut down, not a 4-star rating.

    I won’t deny this felt more like she gave Pinkie Pie that extra star just to get her to leave her alone and give her some peace and quiet. But hey, a win’s a win in this case. Maybe next time listen to the customer about what they want and don’t want Pinkie.


    Yeah that is the rolled up newspaper of a lady who doesn’t need any more coffee or a single peep from the waitress. Just roll away Pinkie Pie. You got the last star not just roll away and don’t come back until she asks for her receipt. And maybe clear the table and put that canoe and animal skull box back where you got it from.

    And that was Five Stars, a funny take on customer service that brings back memories of a certain donkey that needed some space from an eccentric pink haired friend. This is always a fun thing to see when it comes to personalities like Pinkie Pie’s. She wants so much to help and be hands on with making someone smile, but never knowing when to back off a little and give them space. It’s something I’m sure a lot of extroverts struggle through if their friend is in a bad mood or not feeling themselves. You want to help them and you want to be there for them, but time and space can be needed. Same for this older lady who knows Pinkie is a great server, but just wants to enjoy some peace and quiet with a cup of coffee. It’s a learning process, but I think she finally got it. I’m Penny Wrights and I hear a turkey club sandwich that’s calling my name.

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