• FiM Tribute Album: Tripon - Equestrium [Drum & Bass]

    Over a year of hard work and pushing the limits, "Equestrium" is Tripon's masterpiece and grand tribute to FiM as a whole, with an impressive collection of songs "that each represent an event or multiple events from the show" as the description on Bandcamp says. To quote the musician further, "For each season there is at least one song, inspired either by the entire season itself or a specific moment." With Wonders about Fluttershy discovering the wonders held by life on the ground and her life's meaning, and Crystallise about Sombra and the S3 premiere, that both got a YouTube release already, you can get a taste of the album, but it's only when you'll have listened to the whole 14-tracks tribute in its entirety that you will be able to see the extent of Tripon's hard work and passion! For Equestria!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here!