• Pony Anatomy Revealed in New My Little Pony Dissection Toys From Mighty JAXX

    Ever wonder what the insides of your favorite cartoon equine looks like? A company called Mighty JAXX is apparently answering the question! They have revealed a new product line showing off the bones and organs of each of the mane 6.  The full set also includes a trio of 1/24 rare variants or 1/48 ultra rare versions that are either sparkly or in Rainbow Dashes case, include a Wonderbolts getup.

    You can find the site for them over here, along with a bunch of screencaps below.

    Apparently they have hats, shirts, and socks to go along with them, as revealed here. More pictures below too. The clothing set also has an August 19th availability according to their article.


    Full Set:

    Thanks to Nick, LML, Super04, and everyone else for the heads up.