• Fluttershy Compilation Album: Pinkamena Party - Fluttershy’s Paradoxically Soft Hardcore Tea Party

    The Pinkamena Party crew did it again!! This time theming the album around the yellow one and thus closing the Mane Six series, together the many musicians created "hard songs about soft things, and soft songs about hard things" and included it all in one massive album and mad tea party. Don't dawdle Fluttershy, we're very late indeed! Speaking of time, where's the Hatter?
    Track #2 Venetian Snares Teaches Fluttershy the Magic of Breakcore has just blown me away, track #10 Fluttershy Screams Into Her Pillow to Not Disturb Her Friends is a masterpiece of concept, track #11 Anti Depressants is remixing the Cupcake Song so well, and so many other tracks from the album followed up on the Fluttershy theme so brilliantly making use of vocal samples, it's amazing!!
    Download the album from Bandcamp here!