• Equestria Girls: Mad Twience Follow Up

    With all the jokes of Twilight Sparkle cloning herself into copies named Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer (the names being celestial occurrences mixed with shiny adjectives don’t help) we seem to forget we got our actual Twilight clone in the form of an ending credit scene from Rainbow Rocks. I probably wasn’t too keen on another Twilight, but since we can’t have a princess coming and going into the human world with her only chaperone being a baby dragon turned puppy, the show gave us Twilight Sparkle, anti-social nerd turned nerd…but with friends now. And what more to cement that this is a completely different version of Purple Smart than showing her obsessed with science instead of magic in a catchy music video. To give this music video a moral, it would be expressing the wonders of science and all that can be created with some hard work. That, or make sure you don’t make a mad scientist angry or she’ll send her robot toaster to attack you. Oh wait, that's been done by Micro Chips already..

    So just from the start of the video with eerie music and drum set synthesizers, I knew right away that someone was a fan of 80’s pop music. I couldn’t help but be sent to a Thomas Dolby music video with an old guy shouting “She blinded me with science” in the chorus. Good choice of genre in my opinion.

    Well, well. Looks like Twilight’s little experiment has something to do with canon love interest Timber Spruce. Seems fair enough. You break the laws of physics for the ones you love. Except…does Timber Spruce look a little different to you guys?

    Huh. So he…dyed his hair blue before? Or maybe that’s not Timber Spruce at all and it’s just a random character? I can’t tell if this was just an animation error or if Twilight is playing the field with the guy in the pictures as well. Don’t give up Timber. The fans like you more than Flashy Sentry as a generic love interest anyway. Well let’s at least see where this goes with these pictures.

    Happy Sci Twi is good Sci Twi. I don’t know anyone who would be that happy at solving a math problem, but then again, math is evil to me and makes no sense. But it seems that Twilight is on to something that’s part of her experiments.

    Not the Egor we were expecting, but truly the one we needed the most. I at least want to know where this frizzy green wig came from since Spike’s fur is purple even with his ears being green (still somehow a normal thing for dogs in this world). But I can’t say no to this adorable pup in his own lab coat.

    Oh yeah. Don’t you just hate it when you’re coding and a large NO symbol flashes across your screen? It’s almost as bad as when you’re trying to hack into something requiring a password and the computer keeps saying “access denied” over and over again.
    (Editor’s Note: I don’t know a thing about hacking or coding so if this does happen, then at least I learned something new.)
    I do have to point out a thing for the lyrics since this was at the chorus. There is a high amount of uses for the word “perfect” from saying it in the chorus to spelling it out. The use of “perfect” honestly brought back memories of Season 1 Twilight who does have a thing about everything being just so. Felt like a nice link to both Twilights here.
    Yes, we’re going to ignore Twilight possibly blowing herself up with a failed piece of equipment just to keep the upbeat tempo of the song. I at least like the idea that as unruly as her hair was before the explosion, they turned up the shag to 10. But at least we get to look at more of the equipment around Twilight’s lab like the microwave and the clothes washer in the back. Gonna hope they’re not using it for fear of teleporting their socks to the dark dimension.

    Oh so she does have a picture of Timber Spruce somewhere in this basement. Still wouldn’t know what that means in the case of the other pictures she has of some other guy. But by the looks of Twilight in this shot, I want to think she still longed for the charming green haired boy at camp whose sister transformed into a plant demon. Ah the memories.

    Rule of Anything: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Just the sheer force of plugging in those two cords was enough electricity in a magnetic field to make her levitate. Yeah take that magic. We don’t need songs, wings or displays of character traits to be able to fly.

    So there’s a lot to unpack in this image she has on her computer screen. We still see this guy and his dog so the picture must be scanned into her computer. We see this pod type of machine that gives me flashbacks to watching The Fly (I’m not old. I just watch old horror movies). And we see Twilight’s wallpaper is a picture from her time at camp in Legend of Everfree. I can only imagine what type of Doomsday devices she could be hiding in those folders on her desktop.

    Twilight no!!! Don’t fall into The Matrix. I don’t know if Hasbro can afford Keanu Reeves to save you!!! Anybody else tired of science references? I didn’t think so. But this was great shot in the music video and kinda creepy in a way too with the digital effects in her glasses with the small smile she has.

    With the song revving up like this and everything moving a bit faster, it really gets the heart pumping in the music video. It really has you on edge what the end result is gonna be and what this creation of a driven scientist will result in.

    Twilight: “I think I’m gonna pinch myself, I can’t believe it’s finally here.”

    So I won’t deny mishearing the lyrics in this moment and had to replay the song a few times to redo what I thought was being said. And I did have to get this face just once after seeing it only because…well. Has anyone ever heard of a little video called “Magic. Mov”? Watch with discretion. Anyway, let’s see what monstrosity Twilight has brought to life.

    So in the end, Twilight made a robo puppy for Spike to be his friend. My simple side says this is incredibly adorable. But my cynical side says “Twilight, do you plan to leave Spike enough that he would need you to make a friend for him?” I just mean I would like something that leads up to making life for you dog to hang out with. Maybe Spike looking sadly at other dogs outside or something. Was Spike that lonely that you spent days or even months working on a robot dog? I guess I can understand this over adopting another dog for Spike, but how much time and money went into making this? But I still can’t say this isn’t sweet and slightly twisted. The music video is an homage to Frankenstein that makes Twilight the evil Dr. Frankenstein and Spike the monster (it’s a common error to mistake Frankenstein as the monster and not the doctor). So let’s hope this friendship between dog and robot doesn’t end up the same way as the original source.
    And that was Mad Twience, a look into the science driven mind of our semi-lead character with some great music and a cute, but twisted video. In the beginning, I was worried how they were gonna do another Twilight since the pony one we know is already known by the human characters and would just be confusing to have her be the exact same person. Celestia knows how confusing that would’ve been at the end of Friendship Games. But I’m glad they made her more of the booksmart character Twilight originally was in the first couple seasons. We get her freak outs and obsession with studying in this human Twilight along with her having her cute moments as well. She doesn’t have as many striking differences as the human and demi-god versions of Celestia, but I think making her more into science than the pony version being into magic, it makes a good transition. Even adding little details to the human design like the glasses and having her hair up all the time cements her character as the nerd type, which is usually my favorite type of characters. She may not be the main focus of the EqG series, but she added a grounded feel to the characters that Applejack can’t always do. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some Borris Karloff movies to binge watch.