• Pony Life Fan Song: PrinceWhateverer - This Party Never Ends (feat. Blackened Blue) [Rock]

    Those who've been ponying on with Pony Life during this ride/party that never ends know it well, the power of potions is to be reckoned... But not as much as the power of Friendship and love, ever so present in Pony Life!! And I've personally been LOVING it! The one and only PrinceWhateverer does us the honors of releasing what could be the first original fan song about Pony Life (excluding remixes/covers of the theme song) - if I missed any let me know - and it's specifically themed around Pinkie (my favorite pony), making a parallel between her parties and the "party" of the community watching and reacting to new MLP episodes, now every sunday with Pony Life! And Blackened Blue is doing the harmony vocals! Come party with us if you feel like it, we'd love to have you!