• Equestria Girls: Science of Magic Follow Up

    Well we know now that just because Twilight is usually the obsessive one when it comes to research, it doesn’t mean nobody else can be the same. And before Sci Twi came about, we had at least Sunset Shimmer to be our magic maker in this short. And this is probably a Top 10 short for me only because I have a thing with world building. And if there’s anything we need confirmation on is all the theories and ideas on magic in the human world. Doubt it’ll be solved in a matter of two minutes, but it’s at least fun to watch. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to develop patience when the answer might show up when you least expect it (spoiler alert: it didn’t). Either that or to go with the standard mantra of the entire show.
    It’s magic. I ain’t gotta explain sh(yay!)

    Two things. One, I love bringing in the idea of different ways to study and learn. While Sunset was under Celestia’s studies, she learned by going out to research and test things herself while Twilight is a book person who learns from reading. Twilight has done some forms of experiment, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do them unless she’s read them in a book somewhere. And two, Sunset Shimmer in a lab coat. I live for this. I stan this.

    Well we got the over-sized colander for the testing helmet. Looks like we’re really going into Feeling Pinkie Keen territory now. But I’m interested in where these experiments lead to. Might actually have some cool results. Though I also can’t help but get Jack Skellington vibes from Nightmare Before Christmas as well and it might just results in failed attempts at reenacting. Man, there are a lot of bad scientist references to use here.
    But this will be super fun to screenshot images. So let’s get some cause and effect images here and see what comes up

    So not only did Fluttershy pretty much cause a power outage, she also sprouts phantom butterflies? Well…I have no way of explaining that one other than Fluttershy looking like she was Super Saiyan and her spirit bomb is made of energy butterflies. And she broke the colander. No pasta for us tonight.

    Wait…so…they’re real objects that you can even eat? And how do you spawn apples? How do apples from the spirit world even taste? Are apples the symbol of honesty? Because I think some bible stories and Snow White might have a problem with this message. I also really feel bad for Sunset who just had to get rained on by apples. Dang it Jim she’s a scientist, not a doctor.

    Ah Rarity. Still fabulous even with a sensor stuck on your forehead. This was just an accident though. They all float (even without wings, which makes not much sense) and this was just a few too many wires crossed. But Sunset should be glad this is all that happened with Rarity. Or did she want to be rained on by diamonds? I i know it wouldn't be just small jewelry sized diamonds since Rarity's have been used as full shields. Might as well call them giant glass shards.

    Science 101: rubber makes static and static makes your hair stand up. I want to at least chalk it up to that instead of thinking these balloons literally made her hair stand up on ends. No again, imagine if this was what happened with Rarity's power. Sunset would be either pinned to the wall or a lot more red than yellow. But I do like Pinkie just going all out on these drums. Not to mention the slap stick that happens with Sunset trying something and having it blow up in her face most of the time. I guess I can see how balloons can bring laughter at least. Between the helium voice, balloon animals, and annoying people by making the high-pitched squeaky noise when letting air out, balloons are a barrel of laughs.

     So somehow with this one, Rainbow Dash’s guitar cord connecting to Sunset’s computer in the sound booth lead a train of rainbow colored…something…and made it explode from her computer. My TV PG side wants to say this was just paint or something. However, my TV MA has…other ideas.
    *ahem* Side note: how does a high school afford all this equipment for science anyway? I want to say maybe Sunset made a deal with the science club to use their equipment that they probably develop themselves. I mean we’ve seen a giant toaster robot from micro Chips terrorize students, but this is a lot of equipment for a science budget. Oh look! I think Sunset has her final verdict on magic.

    Magic study has now been left inconclusive. Though from Sunset coughing rainbows, we can at least say her lungs are very happy. Well you can fault her for trying something different with each experiment. Too bad Princess Twilight wasn’t here to tell her not to even try explaining magic when she couldn’t even explain Pinkie Sense.
    And that was The Science of Magic, a fun montage short for the scientist in all of us who want to explore more than what is seen. Granted, Sunset was a unicorn so she would know about magic, but it has also been while since she’s used magic coming from a horn in her head. This short was part of the Rainbow Rocks segment so Sunset doesn’t have magic yet, but that just shows how this was probably too soon for her to learn about their magic when there is gonna be an orchard ton of it coming her way. And seeing as how their "cutie marks" reflect the effects of the magic, Sunset should be glad she didn't test out anything for herself. Don't think the school can afford supernova sunspot damage. But I love the comedy and the cool effects we get to see magic interacting with things and having Sunset be more or a “trial and error” type of learner than Twilight’s book reading. Might have bit off more than she can chew here, but that’s the motivation anybody should have when studying and researching. I’m Penny Wrights and I’ll leave you with the wise words of our new ruler Princess Twilight Sparkle.