• S09E16 "A Trivial Pursuit" Music & PMV: Luna Ticks - Ring the Bell [Punk Rock]

    This new release by Luna Ticks has got to be the most perfect example of what a "pony fan song" is about. The band comprised of Quicksilver and Francis Vace paid tribute to S09E16 A Trivial Pursuit, tackling on the themes and moral from it, and extending the TwiPie feelings as well, in this brand new masterpiece of a track that also has a whole PMV with scenes of the episode to go alongside it. Francis' lyrics and vocals are singing about what some of us (including me) got shocked to see from Twilight in the episode, to finally make it up and end on such a positive and loving TwiPie note just like the episode did, and hearing that in musical format along such lovely and heartfelt vocals is just so emotional and making me melt. I actually teared up while listening to this and reading the lyrics and watching the PMV along, so I can only recommend doing that. Quicksilver absolutely nailed that very rocking and blissful instrumental as well, and the duo made such strong magic together! TwiPie forever!!