• (Debunked) Possible 2020 G5 Movie Designs Revealed in New My Little Pony Toys?

    Amazon Canada and UK have both listed up brand new toys that hint at a possible toyline reboot in 2020 that may be based off the G5 Movie designs. It's all speculation but these toy models are certainly interesting looking.

    Unfortunately the boxes don't have any actual vector art like usual, only a potion bottle. The characters are less curvy with bigger heads and unshorn fetlocks down on the hooves. It would be surprising if they straight up went with the mane 6 again, especially since none of these three have changed much at all outside of overall design. 

    What do you guys think?

    Get some more shots of Pinkie and Rarity after the break!

    Update: As someone did mention, the G5 transition movie was delayed till 2021, so these might just be toys to fill the gap that are still based on G4 but heavily stylized. 

    Update 2: Our sources closely involved with this issue notified us they are indeed just a new toyline and appear to not have any relationship with G5. Still, they are pretty interesting looking for a new line of pony toys.

    Pinkie Pie Potion Dress Up

    My Little Pony MLP MAGICAL MANE RARITY on Amazon

    Fluttershy Potion Dress Up

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