• Pony Nostalgia & Emotion Album: Brilliant Venture - Legacy : In the Mix [Electronic]

    Those who know what's up in the pony music scene have been awaiting this, and it's finally out! Brilliant Venture's god-tier album, full of heartfelt remixes of nostalgic community classics and originals too, brimming with so much emotion from divine pony vocal chops and magical melodies alike. A "must-have" doesn't even begin to describe this album. The heart poured in all those remixes and tributes to the community can be felt in each and every of the tracks, and it's hard not to have shivers or get teary-eyed while listening to such emotion-inducing masterpieces. And so, as we get greeted by an original track and emotion from brand new pony vocal chops, we then get fully immersed in Equestria with emotional remixes of tracks such as iblank2apples' I've Been Dreaming of Sunshine and Celery Stalks, Alex S.'s Party With Pinkie, Omnipony's Dragon Greed, classics such as Discord and Rainbow Factory, and even show/EQG songs such as Dance Magic and the Smile Song.
    Download the album from Bandcamp here, or grab directly your copy as a physical CD if you're attending Ciderfest this weekend! Also check out the album trailer medley if you want!