• HarmonyCon 2020 Announces Big Jim Miller

    Friendship is Magic Director Big Jim Miller is heading on over to HarmonyCon next year for anyone that wants to meet him. He joins an army of others from the show and comics.

    The event happens in February, so get the tickets soon if you want to go.

    Presser info below.

    [Art Credit: Nevaylin]
    Howdy y’all!

    We’re coming at you again with another special guest announcement as well as a few reminders.

    First off, we’d like to announce the return of Big Jim Miller! That’s right, Big Jim will be returning to HarmonyCon in 2020. This makes for a current VIP lineup of Devyn Dalton (Ocellus), Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer), Tony Fleecs (comic book artist), and of course Big Jim Miller (Supervising Director).

    Stay tuned for additional VIP announcements as well as community guest, musician, vendor, and event announcements.

    Also note that we are still accepting panel/event applications. Be quick though, as applications close November 15th. Apply Here

    Please remember to pre-register (early support helps a lot) and book your rooms. We’ve still got hotel space but we’ve been filling up more quickly than expected. Definity expecting some stable growth in February. Register Here
    Hard to believe we are so close to HarmonyCon year two. Feels like our first year was just a little while ago.

    As always, remember to join us on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord if you haven’t yet.

    Thanks again everyone for supporting us and all the other wonderful cons in the fandom. We look Forward to seeing y’all in February!