• Equestria Girls - Holidays Unwrapped - Stream / Discussion

    Before we dive on in, I apologize for that drawfriend earlier and it's lack of saucy tags. I totally forgot to go through it. Feel free to let us know directly if that ever happens, either via submit or Discord. 

    Anyway on to less bad news. We've got an official Equestria Girls special this morning celebrating the holidays! It's at the usual episode time of 8:30 AM PST. We've only had one group submit a stream party for it, but I'll include the others just in case they are doing it. If you want something to do while waiting, we've got a new Equestria Girls writer who did a followup of Spring Breakdown recently over here.

    And after that, we are doing an episode rewatch of The Ticket Master and Applebuck Season for this week. Hit that up over here! That one begins at 10:00 AM
    Now go get your special below!  

    Stream Parties:
    Brony Network
    OtakuAscended (Only confirmed stream Party right now)