• More Pony Music! Terrorcore, Deep Dubstep, Synthwave!

    New roundup showcasing what our huge community has been up to! There's always so much new stuff coming out every day, and I just know that it won't end anytime soon! Ponies forever! Check it all out after the break!
    By the way, shout-out to that person I met at Neighhem and who came to me saying that they liked my EQD posts and that they are written with love! I'll never forget that!

    1. SleepyToaster - We're Going Home
    Instrumental - Chillout
    An intricate and mysterious instrumental track of pure beauty!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    2. Matías Peñaloza - The End of the Rainbow (Piano Cover)
    Instrumental - Piano
    New piano cover of an MLP song from Matías, and this one is quite rich!

    3. ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ - Coco N Loco (feat. Pinkie Pie)
    Instrumental - Trap
    Some very creative play with Pinkie's voice in this, and as always with ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ's signature cool Trap beats! I'm quite fond of the melodic part near the end, too! Also check out ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ's other recent release, Animal Sanctuary (feat. Fluttershy)!

    4. Chiptune Brony - Cimmerian the Scorched
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    New OST piece from Chiptune Brony part of the Equestrian OC (OverClocked) ReMix album (see that Kingdom Hearts nod there), and you can definitely hear the tribute to Motoi Sakuraba in it!

    5. Daniel Ingram - Helping Twilight Win The Crown (Aventrix Remix)
    Instrumental - Chiptune
    A very cute and upbeat instrumental remix of the classic EQG song! Also check out Aventrix's other recent release, their remix of Breathing Space!

    6. Plat Strat - Equestrian Idiot (Full Album - Instrumentals by Green Day)
    Vocal - Rock
    This ponification of the whole "American Idiot" album by Green Day is quite awesome! Only the vocals are original, but it sure makes for a very appreciated ponification, not to mention that perfectly ponified cover art! Catch the playlist of the whole Equestrian Idiot album from Plat Strat here, and download the album from here!

    7. Nyancat380 - I Love This Industry
    Vocal - Happy Hardcore/Terrorcore
    A remix/tribute to community classic Rainbow Factory sampling vocals from it, this new experiment from Nyancat380 is so tasty and delightfully unique! Also check out Nyancat380's other recent release, Drowned soul in a darkest abyss!

    8. Liam King - Fragment of Silence
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A dark and deep piece from Liam King aka Darksoma!

    9. TheTaZe - Ecumenical Systems
    Instrumental - Deep Dubstep
    We don't often get Deep Dubstep in the community and it's a genre I affectionate a lot! TheTaZe's entrancing track is definitely a treat!

    10. TheHappyPony - Dreams Come True
    Instrumental - Melodic Dubstep
    A creative and cute track by TheHappyPony with an interesting progression!

    11. One Track Mind - End Is Neigh (Full Album)
    Instrumental - Ambient/Synthwave
    Many masterpieces in this new album made of previously unreleased tracks by One Track Mind! Catch the playlist here, and download the album from here!

    12. Vylet Pony - Nameless
    Vocal - Dubstep/Terrorcore
    An unexpected treat, it's full of gritty sound design and even features a very jazzy part! Also check out Vylet's other recent release, Identity featuring Remember Falling! And by the way, look out for a certain surprise remix of Lullaby for a Princess from Vylet that is definitely amazing! Those who saw her live at BronyPalooza will know what I'm talking about!

    13. TheTaZe - Twilight (Ice Angel Remix)
    Instrumental - Trap
    Quite an epic yet dreamy remix of TheTaZe's original!

    14. General Mumble - Appleshake (Checkerëd Remix)
    Vocal - PsyBounce
    A fun and pony-powered remix! Shake your tail!

    Omake/Bonus: Brambleshadow4 - BronyCon (Cover)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!