• Compilation Album: Pinkamena Party - PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY [Oldschool Gabber/Rave/Hardcore/Terrorcore/Speedcore/Varied]

    It's that time again!! The Pinkamena Party Crew gathered from all around the community and beyond, to create a work of art! Definitely many pony tracks in this amazing compilation album that features many unique treats, and even musicians you don't often see! They all contributed to spread the madness wonderfully, and tracks such as Spikey Wikey's Skinny & Bony, Additive Subtractive's Lickety's Split, Pernegyre's DreSSeS in Style, Foozogz's Fabulous Little Ponies, Payyn & PoniPlague's Utter Flutter Blast, Kakofonous A. Dischord's One Night in Cherry Jubilee, and PhonicB∞m's Rope Swing to Ponyland definitely blast much creativity with both musical prowess and awesome use of pony samples! Everypony on the album did amazing with injecting pony into their tracks! Also Dynamite Grizzly's En Vogue pts I & II was quite emotional, as you could expect from the musician!
    Get the whole album from Bandcamp here, and catch the recording of the live release party from here! And find here the awesome official presentation of the album from the Pinkamena Party team!