• "The Essence of Being a Pony" Successor Music: Toby Macarony - Forever [Emotional Pony Vocal Chops]

    Oh my god, everypony... This is it, this is it. Toby Macarony made what I consider to be a spiritual successor of Exiark's The Essence of Being a Pony and Second Hoof Medley (that are two of my favorite pony tracks ever), in the way that it makes amazing use of pony vocal chops to emphasize on the moment and what we feel for those characters who we hear in the song, making for A LOT of emotion. Personally the part starting at 1:03 made me tear up, with Twilight's voice. Many show songs are represented in this piece, including the very emotional I'll Fly and The Magic Inside, and that definitely reminds of Exiark's aforementioned tracks. And if you pay attention, you'll notice that there are meanings behind the choice of the songs and the lyrics... For example with Sweetie Belle's "Our journey is never really done" near the end, amazingly reflecting the "ride". Even if the show ends... we'll keep spreading our Passion Forever!