• Stellar Music: Twilight, Trixie, Tempest, and Tartarus-themed Tracks!

    In continuation to the previous music post, here are the tracks from the all-new compilation album Equinity 01: Stellar that already got released on YouTube at the time of making this post! All electronic music, they have diverse inspirations and influences but they are all amazing, and everypony did so great! Find it all below the break!

    1. TheTaZe - Twilight
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    Cute melodies and subtle Tropical vibes in this track that fits to our Twily so well!

    2. Jalmaan - Alive
    Instrumental - House
    Uplifting and alive like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

    3. GrazySmash - Magic Energy
    Instrumental - Big Room/Psytrance
    A dark and fast Psytrance banger about the great and powerful magician!

    4. Doodled & Tw3Lv3 - Sunrise
    Vocal - Psytrance/Hip Hop
    Doodled's vocals along the cute instrumental are just making me melt!

    5. Proto_ssin & NeverLastStanding - Falling VIP
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    With a smooth and creative DnB arrangement, a gorgeous piano accompaniment, a deep bass, and a hard-hitting twist that will take you by surprise, this collab with NeverLastStanding is an absolute beauty!

    6. GeekBrony & Drummershy - Last Tempest (feat. Vylet) (MrMehster Remix)
    Vocal - Hardstyle
    A top-notch and enthralling Hardstyle spin on the Tempest-themed collab, courtesy of MrMehster!

    7. Skelter - Dawn
    Instrumental - Chill Trap/Orchestral
    Skelter's contribution to the album does fit to the beauty of a Dawn!

    8. CRUVOD - Gates of Tartarus
    Instrumental - Big Room House
    A magical track, embodying its concept so well!

    All of these are available as part of Equinity 01: Stellar!