• Season 9 Episode 14 and 15 Revealed - 2, 4, 5, Greaaat & That's a Laugh

    We've got two more episodes revealed from the wonderful archives of Google. Lots of fakes ones are floating around lately, but these are finally legit.

    Oddly enough, the current title for one of these is incorrect, but the synopsis is right.

    Head on down below the break to check them both out.

    Update: We've been told that this one's title is not completely correct either.

    Episode 15: 2,4,5, Greaaat

    The School of Friendship is starting a buckball team and Rainbow Dash has to come to terms with the fact that she won't be coaching the team.

    That's a Laugh

    When Pinkie Pie seeks help from her old friend, the super-silly Cheese Sandwich, in finding her life's purpose, she discovers the unimaginable has happened

    Thanks to Adam and nigel for the heads up.