• "MLP Is Still Bringing Us Together" Music: Koron Korak - Smile It's Just a Goodbye [Orchestral]

    A huge masterpiece from Koron, this orchestral beauty is as meaningful as it gets, with a backstory and message about a better way to think of being apart from friends, and FiM ending. Extending that meaning as a tribute to his late brother, Koron displays the extent of his passion and devotion with a very emotional piece featuring his signature violin play but also choirs and piano, for a grand result. The music and the emotions held within will speak for itself, and I recommend reading the description and prepare to be blown away with the circumstances of this piece's inception and completion. This masterpiece is showcasing Koron's talent and feelings once more, as well as the beauty of his soul, and I'm emotional just making a post about it! Also the breathtaking artwork that was used in the video was drawn by the one and only Mane In Green and he definitely did an amazing job on it! Friends, ponies, family... They will always be dearly beloved in our hearts!