• Vinylicious 2.0 Music: Vinyl Scratch - Wubtastic [Pon3Step]

    It's official, Vinyl Scratch is BACK!! Well, our beloved DJ and producer from Equestria was always here among us, through Scraton! At least that's what I always loved to imagine, and the talented musician just expressed his love and passion once more by treating us to a spiritual successor of the famous Vinylicious! Part of a brand new EP titled The Untitled Gig (Soundcloud upload here), Wubtastic has distinct musical callbacks to its predecessor which makes it so nostalgic for us longtime fans, all while being so fresh in its sound, and benefitting from all of Scraton's expertise from all those years of hard work and producing! And of course, he gathered the one and only voice for Vinyl, that of Nowacking! Brace yourselves everypony, for the one and only Vinyl Scratch got in the house, and it's time to PARTY!!