• Random Pony Merch: Plushies, Figures, Cups, and More!

    These guys have been appearing at Five Below if you want a more chibi/blob feel for your cartoon equine. They even went all in and have a full set, unlike some plushie lines that release 2-3 of the mane 6 and never finish it. Thanks to TheGibberishCat for sending it !

    It's time for random merch! Go get more below.

    Collectible Drink

    Found at: Sheetz
    Found By: Stephanie

    Sippy Cups

    Found at: Giant, Kroger
    Found By: Allenix, Cameron

    Finders Keepers Ponies Spotted at Walmart

    Found at: Walmart, Kroger
    Found By: Rick, Cameron

    Combo Movie DVD / Blu-ray

    Found at: Target
    Found By: Anon

    Pony Gift Bag

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found By: Clayton