• Brand New Pony Comic From the Official Magazine (Polish Edition w/ Translation)

    Looks like we have a bit of new material tonight to have some fun with! It might be in Polish, but the submitter has been kind enough to provide us with a rough translation. For instance, the cover says:

    CMC - 3 friends are experiencing their visit in School of Friendship. They can't wait for new tasks. I'm very curious from where we will start. I'd like to teach ponies and other creatures about friendship.

    Get the rest after the break! Thanks to Robert for sending it in and translating it!

    Hi CMC! Can you help me? Sure, what is it? It's great that we can help you! Feel free to say it, Sandbar! Each of us had do make a presentation about our childhood and one by Silverstream was amazing. I see. You need help with that? No. I showed mine yesterday. I don't understand. Where is the problem? Everything what I could say was about my childhood in Ponyville and it's so boring when you will compare it with growing up in Seaquestria or other place!

    All my friends are so extraordinary. And I? I'm boring, average pony. I feel I don't fit to that place. Don't say that! I'm sure you had a lot of fantastic adventures. After all you helped a lot your friends at school. Yes, of course we have here creatures from different places but life in Ponyville isn't boring. But my life is boring. Maybe you should try appreciate interesting sides. Or maybe exaggerate your story. You would be as intersesting as you want. Wait! I think that's a stupid idea. Why he would... No! It's amazing idea. I'll do this.

    Later in the park. What's going on Sweetie Belle? You look worried. I'm thinking about your advice. What's wrong with it? Do you remember our preparations of musical performance for show "Got Talent"? My dance choreography was terrible. And that part where I had to sing. Gross! Don't say it. We worked hard to not do what we are best in. Effect was terrible. So what it have to do with Sandbar? Shouldn't you just be yourself? And don't pretend to be somepony else? Right! And we said to Sandbar opposite thing.

    In the meantime at boarding school. ...and then barn... exploded and... hay was everywhere to the Everfree Forest! I'd like to see that. It's very interesting. But that's not everything! At the end of winter ponies in Ponyville gather together and smash lumps of snow so hard they melt in fear! Yaks also smash different things. That's interesting. I didn't know snow can melt from fear! One we had cookie-apocalypse of pony zombies. Hundreds infected. How you survived? I was on a diet so I didn't eat any infected cookies. I hide in the storeroom and waited for Princess Celestia. You spend whole time there and you didn't panic? Unbelievable

    And then Pricess Celestia found me and I helped her deal with plague. You helped Princess Celestia? You are so brave! I wonder why you didn't tell us about it earlier? So.. I had some sort of amnesia. Everything seems too good to be true. Story with exploding barn was very good. Wait I didn't tell you story when my Hearth's Warming doll fell to fire! But once you tell us that it didn't, remeber? I did? I think someone is lying. Yaks don't lie friends! Yak go!

    Wait! Let me tell you another story. Dude, we have enough of your made up stories. Sandbar I'm so sorry but that's our fault. That advice was very stupid. You know my friends are hot-headed so that's why they have crazy ideas... ...and not always the best. That's what you wanted to say?

    Yeah.. I'm often the one who says "Stop! Think first about it". I also get them out of troubles. It's just like me! So you are a voice of reason. And that's never boring. You can be proud of it. You are right. I have to apologize my friends. I'm sorry I lied. Your life is so interesting. I wanted surprise you. We appreciate that you care about us... ...you are so nice and kind. Yona accept apology. You don't have to lie to impress us. And that all make you special. THE END!

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