• Vinyl Scratch Music: Scraton - Mares In Black [Pon3Step]

    Vinyl Scratch from Equestria traveled in our world to bring us the sickest wubs once more! ...Or that's what I always headcanon-ed about Pon3/Scraton's music! The famous and creative musician is back with a new pony EP titled "Mares In Black" available on Spotify, cdbaby and iTunes, and here's the title track from it! Diving deep in nostalgic bliss, Scraton delivers the peak of his game with that special sound and hard-hitting-ness that he's honed over the years, or "Pon3Step" as he has it on the Soundcloud upload. Pony references in the vocals, heavy wubs, dreamy breaks, and a deep and poetic description, all make this electronic treat quite an emotional and delightful experience.