• Fanfiction: Timberwolves: Guardians of the Everfree


    Author: Keystone Gray

    Description: Timberwolves: Guardians of the Everfree By Blackthorn of Thicket, Princess Luna of Canterlot, and Apex of Everfree.
    This volume explores the colorful, mythical tale of the Everfree timberwolf. Part history and part study, the authors provide their experiences, discoveries, and stories. From creation to design and communication, to the ecological impact of these golems, a full breadth of topics are explored. Each author has hoof-crafted and raised at least one timberwolf, and today the legend of the Vorku is finally shared with the world.

    Timberwolves: Guardians of the Everfree

    Additional Tags: Origin story of the timberwolf.

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