• Rarity Day Discussion - The Future, Fan Theories, Episode Ideas and More!

    It's been a fun ride watching Rarity grow throughout the series. From a simple boutique to an Equestria wide chain she has managed to realize her dreams on the world stage! All while doing it with a bit of class of course.

    With some of the most dramatic scenes from the show and some of the best lines simply thanks to the awesomeness of Tabitha St. Germain you'd be hard pressed not to find some sort of great Rarity moment during a season.

    So what do you guys think lies in the future for Rarity? Continuing to expand her business or maybe something more? Do you think the whole Spike/Rarity crush will ever be confirmed or put to rest? What would you like to see from future episodes with our marshmallow mare?

    Talk about all that and more in the comments!

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