• Trixie and Starlight Glimmer Rocket Figure Disappearance Explained

    Back in February, a Fan Series Starlight and Trixie figure appeared on Entertainment Earth. It was so ridiculously popular that it ended up with loads of fan art drawn and boatloads of hype all around the fandom.

    Unfortunately, the listing was eventually pulled. Many of you have emailed us asking if we can get some information on where it went. We now have a response directly from Entertainment Earth themselves. It turns out, the toy was not supposed to be listed at all yet. There is a good chance that this figure is based on a future episode, and Hasbro didn't want it out there until it actually aired.

    Pre-orders are still completely safe though, so if you ordered one off their site, it should still arrive. Some have said emails have been sent out saying shipments will be delayed until August, though we don't have a specific time frame there yet.

    We will get a post up once it is relisted. For now, third party companies are slapping it up on Amazon for crazy prices with an August 1st release date.