• Story: Rebuilding (Update Part 7!)


    Author: J.D. McGregor

    Description: Trixie saw it first, and then Twilight did, too: Starlight has a problem, and it all leads back to her childhood. Something inside still haunts her and keeps her from truly fitting in. But when Trixie arrives one morning to mooch a free breakfast and propose a silly plan, Twilight never expected it to send her beloved student running from the room in tears.
    The only way to deal with this will be for Starlight to confront her childhood fears, only this time, she'll have Trixie and Twilight by her side. But all the planning and checklists in the world can't prepare Twilight for where this all will lead them. In the end, all of their lives will be changed.

    Rebuilding (Update Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Sometimes the way to confront childhood is to do it over.