• "Rainbow Dash: Reading Rainboom!" Golden Book Now on Amazon for Pre-order

    The Rainbow Dash edition of the new "Little Golden Book" pony versions has arrived on Amazon for pre-order with a July 3rd release date. This follows the other two here that are currently in stock:

    Pinkie Pie: Big Baking Bonanza!
    Twilight Sparkle: Best Aunt Ever!

    The description for this one if you are curious:

    While getting a book signed by A. K. Yearling, Rainbow Dash runs into her old Speedster Flight Camp instructor, Puddle Jump. He quickly reveals that he's been struggling to get his students excited about reading and asks Rainbow Dash if she would come mentor his fillies at Flight Camp for the day. Rainbow Dash is thrilled by the challenge and decides to bring along the biggest reader she knows, Twilight Sparkle. Together they encourage the fillies to dive into reading, but quickly realize that everypony's interests are unique. Can they find the perfect book for everyfilly?

    Get it over here:

    Rainbow Dash: Reading Rainboom!

    Thanks to Keira for the heads up.