• 25 Awesome Rainbow Dash Songs for RD Day!

    Rainbow Dash has been one of the prime ponies for music of the last few years. Turns our people really love writing songs about her. Who would have thought?

    Below the break, Dashie rocks, dubs, chills, and warps your mind into loving all things rainbow~

    [1] Source

    Replacer &I feat. Feather ~ Until the Sun by &I

    [2] Source

    Ken Ashcorp - 20 Percent Cooler by Ken Ashcorp

    [3] Source

    Loyalty - original MLP music by AcousticBrony & MandoPony by MandoPony

    [4] Source

    [Thank You Rap] Been Dreamin'~ by MicTheMicrophoneZero

    [5] Source

    PhonyBrony + Feather - I'll Show You My Loyalty by PhonyBrony

    [6] Source

    BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Academy by Black Gryph0n

    [7] Source

    MLP Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme by RC88

    [8] Source

    Replacer - Cerulean Blue by replacer

    [9] Source

    Silva Hound ft. Blackgryph0n - EGOMANIA (Original Mix) by Silva Hound

    [10] Source

    Never Alone (TheDashDub ft. Feather) by Chris Heron Music

    [11] Source

    Fighting Back - BlackGryph0n & Baasik by Black Gryph0n

    [12] Source

    Pony Piano + SoGreatandPowerful : In History, Maybe by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [13] Source

    'Leaving Colours' Original by Feather by Feather VOCALS

    [14] Source

    Aftermath - Prismatic by AftermathMakesMusic

    [15] Source

    "The Way She Flies" - Phileo by itsPhileo

    [17] Source

    Wonderbolt - dBPony (feat. Prince Whateverer) by CookieSoupMusic

    [18] Source

    [PMV] I'll Fly (┬ÁThunder Remix) by ┬ÁThunderMusic

    [20] Source

    Sinking Ships by Dawn Somewhere

    [21] Source

    Pegasus Device - SlyphStorm by SlyphStormARCHIVE

    [22] Source

    PrinceWhateverer - Rainbow Thrash (Revised) by PrinceWhateverer

    [23] Source

    Sound Barrier ft. Feather by TAPS

    [24] Source

    Archie - Rainbow N' Dash by Archie (Second Channel)

    [25] Source

    WoodenToaster - Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster