• Russian Indie Pony Game Reel From TOKI Contest

    The Russian fandom has released some awesome stuff over the years, with animation projects and games being some of the best. A recent contest over there called TOKI in the game design category brought in 16 different contestants. They've compiled up all the games and put them into one big trailer to show it off. Head on down below the break to check them out!

    Game descriptions from their Readmes:

    The World of Castles (Demo)

    Genre: 菩厦, (the open world)
    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
    About the game: Are you an adventurer, but were they only in their dreams? You have the ideal opportunity to show your heroic strength and ability to save the whole kingdom from the riotous crystal miners! You have a lot to travel, visit a lot of castles, after all ... Oh, yes, you are in the "World of Castles", where they are full! Welcome!

    Through the nightmare

    Genre: JRPG
    Engine: RPG Maker MV
    Description: Two unicorns wake up in a mysterious starry place. Help them go through this adventure.

    Game #3

    In Equestria there is one independent SCAN organization (Secret Canterlot Astronomical Research Base) task, which consists in the exploration of near space.
    Scientists from SCAN decided to arrange an expedition to the Moon in order to learn more about it and see their world from the outside. And the expedition took place, however they saw the truth that all those years were unavailable to anyone. The sun does not rotate. They stayed there for about 2 days specifically to check it and saw that the sun had never moved, although it had to move. Moved only their planet around the sun. The scientists decided that it was unfair to break this truth from everyone.
    Returning to Equestria, they immediately told this to all Canterlotians, proving their words by recording the cameras. Soon this information spread very quickly, but insurrections and revolts were not yet as not everyone considered it to be true, so Celestia was not aware of all this. And yet at one point all the ex-Etritsi were divided into 2 factions, respectively:
    Sparks. In this faction, almost all unicorns who continued to believe in the power of alicorns were hit.
    Raisers. This fraction included all pegasus and ground-ponies, as well as a small part of unicorns. If some unicorns questioned the power of alicorns, then pegasus and terrestrial ponies always did not particularly believe in this power, and indeed the magic of the whole.
    So during the game you have to watch these two factions from the side of one unicorn, because of which all this happened.

    The text font in some places differs from the initial one. It is desirable to play this game on Windows 32-bit.

    Promise of Trixie Lulamoon

    RPG Maker VX
    Promise of Trixie Lulamoon is a horror game in which the player assumes the role of a great and mighty Trixie, a mare, who for unknown reasons finds herself in a house that does not exist in the forest. Unfortunately, the house turns out to be the abode of horrors, where ***** live, who need help.
    While traveling in a mysterious house, you should help Trixie explore each of his corners, pick keys and solve unusual riddles - as well as conversations with some very interesting characters. It will not be easy. Residents of the house, it seems, even after ******** live their own lives, and ****** does not want Trixie to run away as easily as soon to be found out.
    2) The instruction is in the game. (At least in the management of RPG Maker is not difficult to understand)


    Genre: top-down shooter / metroidvania
    Description: This version presents the main gameplay of the game on seven small locations connected to each other.
    When moving from one location to another, all enemies restore their strength and health.
    Part of the objects are destructible and can open the passage to the hidden areas of the location.
    Boxes in the first location can be opened by approaching them at a short distance and pressing "E" on the keyboard.
    The detailed control scheme is contained in the instruction.txt, which you get with the current version of the game.
    Getting experience and pumping the character are disabled, because of the short duration of the current version of the game.
    Plot? Not available for the above reason.

    Project horizons

    Engine: Unreal Engine.
    Description: The player wakes up in the shelter, follows instructions, performs the task.
    2) WASD, the rest is explained in the course of the game (except for one error - exit to Alt + F4 (I'll fix it in the near future)).

    Trixie vs arcade game

    Trixie vs arcade game is a small collection of mini-games, so to speak, a tribute to the games of the 80/90-ies. It is created, like all my crafts, with the help of Construct Classic designer, sprites, like music with sounds, are taken from everywhere.
    In general, the game has no plot, only the gameplay, tied to the stuffing of points. The game still has a number of bugs, but they are not critical and, I hope, none of them will prevent you from trying and evaluating this game.
    The game has a certain amount of hidden content, which can be called "Easter eggs" and if some are in sight, others will have to be searched. And something has a double bottom =). Of course, on the gameplay video, I did not show any of this, because it's much more interesting to find the hidden one myself.
    Since the game contains content content of content and can bring discomfort to subtly sensing natures, the will of the creator, I assign this rating to the game 18+. This means that the game is not recommended for people under 18 years old, as well as individuals without a sense of humor and irony.
    The control is primitive, tied to the movement keys [W] [A] [S] [D] and, if necessary, the action key [left arrow] (this means "left arrow"). And you can not not write to me that the management is not right and not convenient, I will stay with my opinion.
    The game was tested for XP wines, 7, 8 and 10, I did not have any problems, in fact, only one gigabyte of RAM and 128 megabytes of video card (the minimum I tested). The only requirement, should be on the computer DirectX from the ninth version and above, but I think that this will not be anyone's problem.

    Adventure of Everfree

    The game Adventure Of Everfree is based on the first two episodes of the first season of the MLP series. With an eye for the game component. It is a 2D platformer (the Applejack running level, the so-called "runner"). In this demo version implemented only two levels - Applejack and Rarity.

    Game #9

    2еее year, Milky Way boundary. You are a pilot of a minership who has run out of fuel. In automatic mode, the ship sits on a huge spacecraft, taking it as a signal for the signal of the mine station ...
    Note: The game may hang on older systems. In this case, reduce the graphics settings or watch the gameplay movie. In addition, please write about any bugs in the game. Also, in the notes there may be errors, we will write them down on illiteracy and the imperfection of the translator


    The player climbs the tower from several floors (10 in this beta version).
    Each floor is a chessboard of cells, on which are located various enemies (ponies, bulls, griffins, etc.).

    2. The figures take turns in turn. The moves available for the player are marked with circles. At the end of the turn, each figure makes a shot at all possible (for its type) directions. If during your turn you want to stay in place, click on any empty box cell

    Full Destroy / Complete Destruction

    Genres: Beat'em up, Hack and slash
    Operating System: Windows
    Engine: Unity 5.6.2f1
    Description: You are a demon who escaped from the underworld to kill Princess Celestia for imprisoning you, but you have so little strength that you can not kill someone, but luckily Princess Celestia sent to you mane6 to stop you and Here you can take control of one of these ponies, destroy all of Equestria and commit your revenge.
    (Pixel 2D game where there will be a lot of blood and dislocations, as will the game Cooperative Passage and Multiplayer - where you will walk under the dungeons, kill monsters, perform various quests)
    Developer: Lad220 or (TabunLadream, Ladream)

    The Adventures of Explorers: Mystic Tower

    Genre: Adventure platformer
    Engine: Unity
    Description: The game tells about the adventures of two pony archeologists in the Mysterious Tower of Starsvill Bearded, swarming with various wines and hiding inside itself the greatest treasure of the greatest scientist - the philosopher's stone, in search of which the main characters went.
    A couple of words about the demo. A kind of adventure platformer. Covers the so-called prologue game - the entrance corridor, as well as the first chapter - the column hall. Several skills are available.


    2. Shooter with elements of horror.
    3. Unreal Engine 4.17.1

    Description: a la game for a survivalist shooter from the first person where you have to last a living as long as possible and earn as many points as possible for killing enemies and for selectable bonuses

    The plot (history, whatever you want to call it): yy one of the inhabitants of the village starlayt living in it for a long time, obeying the rules and equality, but even in equality there are violations at one point the inhabitants of this village began to disappear and yy notes this and hides, frightened for what and he may disappear and one day he decided to get out of his hiding place to see what was happening in the village and finds out that the city is empty by everywhere dead residents, cages, boxes and go disfigured and almost dead ponies
    With horror realizing where the inhabitants disappeared and the fact that he was discovered he does not have more choices he runs into his hide, he has enough weapons and goes to the right death because he understands that he can not be saved

    Cartridges and hilts are scattered in the zone of the first 3 houses.
    All the standard things for a shooter are. Running too.

    I will clarify in advance - the graphics are raw, the monster is one and boring, there is no statistics, the models are boring to disgrace, the balance is wild, everyone will go for Windows (Vista, no less). On older computers, there may be problems with the drivers (mainly AMD (16 driver version is required).
    Most likely it will start with ULTRA graphics settings, so wait for the lag even in the main menu.
    Still come across zamgovannye boxes with cartridges in which there is nothing and they do not disappear (as a result - there are no cartridges). On the mountain I do not advise to climb for 2 reasons - shooting is purely horizontal and the game zone goes around the houses.