• My Little Pony Movie Passes $35 Million Worldwide

    Can you believe it has already been three weekends since the MLP Movie was released? In that short period of time the movie has since been making its rounds and pulling in a rather impressive take world wide! As of this weekend's number when combining both US box office and Foreign box office, the movie has made over $35 million!

    With about $18.5 million in the States and $17.2 million overseas the movie looks like it should be able to certainly make its money back at the box office considering the range of estimates for the budget ranging from $6-$8 million up to $25 million dollars, leaving only the higher estimates yet to be overtaken. Of course those estimates don't account for the marketing budget for the film but considering what we saw for advertising for the film I speculate it wasn't too much.

    Even if the movie doesn't make its money back at the box office, it certainly will when it gets released to DVD and Blu-Ray and as toys for the movie are bought up for Christmas and beyond.

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