• Patreon Celebration - August - Luna'a Lunar Landing

    I'm a bit late with this one thanks to Twilight Day bumping it back, but the patreon post hath arrived! This month we go for Luna, cause even after 6 years I'm still not tired of her.

    Thanks again to everyone continuing to donate. We dropped a bit this month, but I'm sure these fluctuate around a lot. If only EQD was capable of better rewards, maybe we could get some good stuff going. I still want to completely avoid any kind of pay-2-view junk though. I play a lot of games, and the more recent microtransaction nonsense drives me nuts.

    Most of EQD is patreon based now, so you are all pretty much fueling us. Youtube wasn't the only thing that got nailed by google's recent massive ad black hole. We all run adsense, so when overlord Google gets hit, we all do.

    Anyway, enough of that! Celebrate below with moooon.

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    MLPpencilArt - "Did you know BookSmart is 22?

    Specially Trained Derp

    Stefan - "Thanks for all you guys do! I can always count on you guys to get me into a good mood with the new music, the art, and the silliness. Bring on the PONI!"


    Xinef - "Good night everypony!"

    Strong Copper - "One of the first things that Luna discovered once she felt comfortable enough to start going out and about after returning to Equestria was the fact that pony kind had developed a somewhat interesting nightlife during the time she was gone. She has never been happier to party the night away."

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    From Zaxman - "I need more MLP x Overwatch crossover art"

    Niels - "'Always magnificent'"

    Luster - "If you're coming to BronyCon, take some time to see Baltimore! There's lots to do around the convention center-- the Aquarium is fantastic."

    Post a Video!

    From Richard

    From Ekevoo

    From YTMLP

    All Other Tiers!

    Gashiobka - Misc!

    Ajnrules -  Patreon Chat - "I love Rainbow Dash!"

    Ryan - "can't wait for pony to come back, glad to see everything coming out for the movie. Just a few more months to go."