• Legends of Equestria delayed due to cyberattack; new Open Access Release date September 10

    Some unfortunate news from the staff behind Legends of Equestria. Due to the cyberattack that hit them some time back they are unable to make their open access deadline this month, delaying it to September. While it's sad to see it delayed at least it isn't for too much longer!

    Get the full details from them after the break.

    We’ve been working non-stop to address the issues caused by the cyberattack we suffered in July, and to increase our security on all fronts to reduce our vulnerability.

    Unfortunately, because of the damage of the attack, the delays to our work that it caused, and the disruption of the security steps we’re skill taking, the release of Legends of Equestria will be delayed until September 10th, 2017. We will be using this time to continue improving our security, and working to bring you the game experience that we intended.

    We’re sorry if this news disappoints anyone; it’s certainly not a position we want to be in, but it’s a necessary step. We would not be able to deliver you the Equestria we wanted to without it.

    We still anticipate our forum being made available again next week, and everyone currently with an LoE account will be able to reset their passwords then.

    Everyone on the team hopes you can understand the need for this delay; we’re just as disappointed as you, but we still look forward to starting our journey with all of you in September!

    Twitter: Calpain